Science class 5 chapter 6 full details

Science class 5 chapter 6 full details

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So, let’s see detailed notes about science chapter 6 for class 5: Importance of Water.

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Detailed Overview of Science chapter 6 for class 5: Importance of Water


Water is an extremely valuable natural resource. Water is required for the survival of all living things. We can’t imagine a world without it. Water is required by animals and plants to complete their daily metabolic activities. Water is required for plants to synthesize their food through the photosynthesis process.

On average, a person consumes 600 to 700 litres of water daily. We can all go days without food, but we can’t imagine going without water; even plants become dry and shed their leaves without it.

Let us learn more about the significance of water.

What is the definition of water?

Water is a transparent, tasteless, odourless, and nearly colourless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth’s streams, lakes, and oceans.

Water is essential for all forms of life on Earth and plays a crucial role in many natural processes, including the water cycle, where it evaporates from oceans, lakes, and rivers, forms clouds, and falls as precipitation, which is essential for the growth of crops and vegetation. Water is also used in various human activities such as drinking, washing, and producing electricity.

Water exists in all three states of matter – solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (water vapour) – depending on temperature and pressure. Its unique properties, such as high specific heat capacity and surface tension, allow it to play important roles in various natural processes and human activities.

The Value of Water

Water is required for a variety of daily activities, including:

Bathing, cleaning, cooking, drinking, and washing are examples of domestic activities.

Irrigation, farming, gardening, and frost control are all examples of agricultural applications.

Other Industrial Use Cases

Apart from that, we drink water for the following reasons:

  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Joints should be lubricated
  • Control your body’s temperature.
  • In the body, nutrients and waste are transported.
  • Water loss from the digestive tract and body tissues must be balanced.

Water Cycle

Water is always moving. The water cycle is a process that describes the continuous movement of water from the earth’s surface and is usually carried out in four stages. The sun controls the entire cycle, which is also known as the hydrological cycle.

Evaporation: At this stage, the sun’s heat heats the water in oceans and other bodies of water, causing it to evaporate as vapours, which rise to form clouds.

Condensation: Condensation occurs when the water vapour in the clouds cools.

Precipitation: The cooled water vapours in the clouds condense into droplets, which are then released as Precipitation back to the earth’s surface as rain or snow.

Collection: Rainwater collects on the ground and flows into the river, ponds, and well before returning to the sea.

As previously stated, water covers approximately 97 percent of the Earth’s surface. Only 2 to 3 per cent of the water is safe to drink. The rest of the water is saltwater, and two-thirds of the freshwater on the planet is frozen in glaciers, making these water resources mostly inaccessible to humans.

As a result, we must all work to reduce the waste of this natural resource and conserve water for future needs.

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