Science Class 3 Chapter 3 Full Details

Science Class 3 Chapter 3 Full Details

Olympiads were just made mandatory in all schools. National tournaments are introduced to students at a young age. Exams promote concept-based learning and logical thinking, and they provide students with the opportunity to compete while also helping them better understand their own talents in any topic. This article has detailed notes on Science Chapter 3 For Class 3: Water, air, and rocks The environment provides natural resources such as air and water. Rocks, on the other hand, are thought to be the foundation of a dynamic planet. In other terms, a rock is a complicated substance that helps to construct a mountain.

Science Olympiad Questions Class 3

Science Class 3 Chapter 2: Air, Water and Rocks


We are surrounded by air and need it to live. Even if we can’t see it, we can feel it. If the air is moving, we call it a wind. A breeze is described as air moving lightly.
Storms develop when the air moves quickly. Air may be used to dry clothing, fill balloons, fly a kite, as well as fill tubes, among other things.


Water is an additional resource that humans, animals, and other living things require. This is essential for our survival and growth. The principal source of water is rain. It enters ponds, rivers, oceans, and seas, among other things. Water that seeps into the earth is referred to as underground water accordingly.


A rock is a solid material that has no chemical elements. It is made up of two or more minerals. Granite, Marble, Ignite, Limestone, as well as other rocks are examples of rocks.

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