Science Class 2 Chapter 9 Full Details

Science Class 2 Chapter 9 Full Details

Olympiads were just made mandatory in all schools. National tournaments are introduced to students at a young age. Science Olympiad examinations stress concept-based learning and logical reasoning, allowing students to compete while also improving their understanding of their own talents in any field. This page is about Science class 2 chapter 9: Earth and Universe.

This examination is separated into two tiers. The fundamental scientific principles comprise the first level. Students are examined on complex scientific theories at the second level. Students that successfully complete the first round of the Olympiad test advance to the second round accordingly.

Science Olympiad Class 2

Science Chapter 9 For Class 2: Earth and Universe notes


Earth is considered the third planet from the Sun. Humans and other species dwell on Earth. The Earth resembles a bluish-green globe. It’s unlike any other world. Aside from that, the Earth contains a lot of water as well as certain landmasses.

It also has an air layer surrounding it, and this planet has the ideal combination of all three, i.e., air, water, and land, to support life.


Stars, planets, galaxies, and many types of energy and stuff comprise the Universe. The Sun, Moon, Earth, Planets, as well as the Stars comprise our Universe.


The dawn and sunset are in the east and west, respectively. It is regarded as the brightest star in the sky.


The Moon is far smaller than the Sun. It can’t keep the light on its own and we can see it when it reflects light from the sun.


Stars twinkle in the sky at night, but we can’t see them during the day. Therefore, they are little and far away from us.

Solar System

The Sun and nine planets make up a solar system. The Sun is the Solar System’s focal point as well as a component of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Advantages of Science Olympiad Exams

  • Science Olympiad exams might help a youngster reach his or her greatest potential. They aid them in better comprehending scientific topics accordingly.
  • Science Olympiad problems are more tough and cerebral in nature, helping students to develop a greater grasp of the subject matter.
  • The Science Olympiad encourages pupils to think analytically.
  • The material and preparation for these examinations are centered on application-oriented learning, which will be immensely beneficial in the long term accordingly.

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