Science Class 2 Chapter 8 Full Details

Science Class 2 Chapter 8 Full Details

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Science Olympiad Class 2

Science Class 2 Chapter 8: Transport and Communications

Communication and transportation are two of the most fundamental things we do in our daily lives. We utilize communication, for instance, to communicate with family and friends who reside in another nation or town. However, we utilize transportation to move from one location to the other and to get to schools. So let’s speak about transportation and communication a little more.

What is transportation?

Transportation is the ease with which you may commute from one area to the other. Transport is also used to trade internationally.
In addition to land transportation, there is air and marine transportation.
Air travel helps you to move faster from one city to another and from one nation to another.

What is communication?

Communication is a means of communicating with individuals in distant cities or nations. Some of the most basic techniques of communication are as follows:

  • Telephones
  • Letters and mobile phones
  • Radio and Computer

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