Science Class 2 Chapter 5 Full Details

Science Class 2 Chapter 5 Full Details

Through creative programs, the group has sought to foster scientific attitudes among students from around the country for more than two decades. Among the primary events held by School connect online are the National Science Olympiad, International Mathematics Olympiad, International English Olympiad, and International General Knowledge Olympiad. This page is about Science Class 2 Chapter 5: Events and festivals.

Science Olympiad Class 2

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Science Chapter 5 For Class 2: Occasions and Festivals notes

Festivals abound throughout India, and people of many cultures enjoy them. Festivals bring excitement and happiness into your life. The joy is amplified when you enjoy festivities with your relatives. This article will educate us about family and holidays, which is the most essential thing for each class 2 student to learn.

What exactly is family?

A family is a group of individuals who are related through blood, adoption, or marriage.

Family Organizations

The numerous sorts of families are as follows:

The nuclear family unit

A nuclear family, also known as a tiny family, consists of a limited number of family members, including parents and their children, and no other individual is a member of the family.

Family unit

A joint family is one in which members of various generations, such as cousins, grandfathers, grandmothers, and so on, live together.

What exactly is a festival?

A festival is a unique opportunity for joy and celebration. In our country, several festivals are observed, including Holi, Diwali, Eid, as well as Christmas. However, individuals of many religions observe numerous holidays.

Various types of festivals

Here are some examples of different sorts of festivals:


Diwali is a religious celebration; it is the festival of lights, and everyone in the family lights diyas as well as burns crackers.


Holi is a color festival. It is also regarded as a religious festival. It is a Hindu festival in which everyone paints themselves. Holi is usually held in February or March accordingly.

Other national festivals are also observed in India.

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