Science Class 1 Chapter 6 Full Details

Science Class 1 Chapter 6 Full Details

This blog has all the important Science Class 1 Chapter 6 details for students who want to learn better. These tests are quite beneficial to students. The foundation that has been established as a result of participating in these tests is unlike any other. Students can simply participate in the yearly test by completing the online registration form. After completing the registration procedure, students will get exam alert notifications. Because these tests are offered online, learners can take them from the convenience of their very own residences. These tests have multiple-choice questions that can be answered within the timeframe.

Science Olympiad Class 1

Science Class 1 Chapter 6: Weather and the Sky


The atmosphere is a covering of air surrounding the planet. The temperature and pressure changes all the time. It’s hot and cool at times. Weather is defined as changes in the climate. Weather patterns can shift weekly, daily, or even hourly.


The numerous forms of weather are rainy, sunny, overcast, stormy, warm temperature, cold temperature, freezing temperature, snowy, as well as partly cloudy.


The sun, moon, and stars are visible celestial bodies in the sky. The heavenly objects are all in universe and visible from Earth. Therefore, celestial bodies make up the cosmos.


The moon is a natural satellite of the Earth that illuminates our skies at night. Human shave been fascinated by the moon since the beginning of time!


At night, we can see stars glittering in the sky. They make up the solar system, we can also see constellations through our naked eyes and often through telescopes accordingly.


Rain is caused by clouds because they hold water. There are different types of clouds, for instance, nimbus clouds, etc.


Rainbows may be observed in the sky as well. When it rains, sunlight travels through the water droplets, causing rainbows to form. A rainbow is formed when light is split into seven different colors. The typical way of remembering colors of the rainbow is the VIBGYOR method: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red accordingly.

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