Science Class 1 Chapter 5 Full Details

Science Class 1 Chapter 5 Full Details

The International Science Olympiad (ISO) test is a global Olympiad competition in which students from all around the world can participate. It gives a platform for emerging talent to showcase their abilities. The Science Olympiad is held at the school Connect Online, and it is one of the greatest and most proficient Olympiads for developing ambitious talent. Here we will go through all Science Class 1 Chapter 5 details. It expands students’ previous understanding of physics, chemistry, and biological themes.

Science Olympiad Questions Class 1

Science Class 1 Chapter 5: Air and Water Notes

Air and water are two of the most important natural resources for human life. We cannot live without both air and water.


We can find air everywhere around us. We can feel the existence of air even when we cannot see it with our eyes.

Applications of the Air

  • We utilize air to fly kites and fill tires on vehicles.
  • Fire requires air to burn.
  • Air is needed to dry wet garments.
  • Windmills require air to operate.
  • It facilitates the movement of sailboats.


Water is an important natural resource that all living things require to exist. It is essential for human survival and growth. We know it is also essential for plant and animal existence.

Sources of water:

  • Rain is an important source of water. Rainwater floods the seas, oceans, and lakes, as well as humans utilize it for many things. A variety of living organisms live in this water.
  • The rest of the water seeps into the earth. This water is known as groundwater. We may extract groundwater using a variety of ways, including wells and hand pumps.

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