School Connect Online

School Connect Online is India’s leading Adaptive Learning Management System, supported and incubated by CIIE- IIM Ahmadabad.

School Connect Online is one of the best Olympiads in India which is supporting students and K-12 schools in India and Abroad with below listed supports –

  1. International Artificial Intelligence (AI) Olympiad
  2. International Coding Olympiad
  3. International Maths Olympiad
  4. International Science Olympiad
  5. International STEM Olympiad

School Connect Online supporting students with one of best and creatively designed disciplined learning platform, which helps students with reading with notes and best available free videos, unlimited opportunity to best practice questions, mock tests with final performance assessment.

School Connect Online with support and mentorship of CIIE – IIM Ahmadabad is in a mission to create best affordable learning solutions which is accessible to all students with seamless academic excellence.

With the best use of technology School Online successfully helped students with their success in Scholarship Exams like NTSE,KVPY,IJSO and more.

Students preparing for JEE NEET and AIIMS  are now efficiently using the School Connect Online Learning Platform.

The content of School Connect Online is meticulously prepared by the academic experts and research scholars to provide easy to understand learning materials and easily followed process to create self organized learning environment.

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