Olympiad Exams Class 1 to 12

Olympiad Exams Class 1 to 12

Olympiad Exam preparation material for class 1 to 12

Students preparing for Maths Olympiad, Science Olympiad, AI Olympiad, Coding Olympiad can get free access to the best preparation materials supported by video lessons on each topic, practice questions, mock tests, sample papers and performance analysis. Olympiad Exams Class 1 to 12

School Connect Online support students with best online platform for their studies and till now we have successfully completed Online Maths Olympiad, Online Science Olympiad, Online Coding Olympiad and Online AI Olympiad.

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Olympiad Exams Class 1 to 12

Importance of Olympiad Exam

School Connect Online provides the best support to students with its meticulously designed disciplined learning platform that helps students with reading with notes and best available free videos, unlimited access to effective practice questions, mock tests with final performance assessment. We work to provide the best guidance to aspiring young minds by helping them identify their innate potentials, and taming them in their early age. Keeping in mind their tenderness, School Connect Online plans the best preparation strategies, effectively yet carefully so as to not over burden the young aspirants.

Let’s take a look at the importance of Olympiad exams:

  1. It builds confidence among young kids while appearing for exams and also helps enhance their analytical skills, reasoning skills and other problem solving skills.
  2. It equips students for future competitive exams by helping them acquire the right mindset and skill to grasp the knowledge and to perform better each time they attempt any exams.
  3. It tends to sharpen knowledge and problem solving skill of the students that often lead to excellent performance in their school and competitive exams.
  4. Olympiad exams provide a unique competitive platform as students get a huge exposure to national and international level exams.

Olympiad Exams for Class 1 to 12

ClassOlympiad Exams
1Olympiad Exam for Class 1
2Olympiad Exam for Class 2
3Olympiad Exam for Class 3
4Olympiad Exam for Class 4
5Olympiad Exam for Class 5
6Olympiad Exam for Class 6
7Olympiad Exam for Class 7
8Olympiad Exam for Class 8
9Olympiad Exam for Class 9
10Olympiad Exam for Class 10
11Olympiad Exam for Class 11
12Olympiad Exam for Class 12
Olympiad Exams Class 1 to 12

Learning support from School Connect Online for Olympiad Studies

1Practice QuestionsStudy Materials
2Chapter wiseReading Notes
3Mock TestsFree Videos
4Maths ReasoningLearning Platform
5Achievers Practice questionsPerformance Update
6Sample PapersCompetition Update

Eligibility Criteria for School Connect Online Olympiad

Age: All students of Classes 1 to 12 are eligible to appear for the 1st level Olympiads.

Students who qualify for the 2nd level exam include.

(a) Top 5% of students’ class wise, who appear for the 1st level exam,

(b) State wise top 25 rank holders class wise, and

(c) Class toppers representing each participating school where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam & scores 50% qualifying marks.

Note – Students from classes 1 and 2 are not required to appear for the 2nd level exam and are ranked based on their performance in the first level exam.

Awards and Certificates Details

Awards and MedalsEligibility
Certificate of ParticipationAll students participated in Olympiads
Certificate of MeritRank holder of Class (Minimum 10 students participating each class)
Qualifier of Gold MedalTop Rank Stage 2 Selected Students
Qualifier of Silver MedalSecond Top Rank Stage 2 Selected Students
Certificate of Excellence/AppreciationOutstanding Performance Certificate to all Stage 2 Participants
Hall of FameBest Performing Students in Stage 2/Final Olympiad Exam
Achievers Gold MedalRank holder in International Olympiad Ranking
Cash RewardsTop 10 Students

Olympiad Registration

  • Class: You need to be a student in Classes 1 to 12 to be eligible for this exam.
  • Boards: You must be a student of SSC, ICSE or CBSE boards.
  • Qualifying for second level examination:

The top 5% of students (class-wise) also benchmark percentile score who appear for the first level exam.

Class toppers from each participating school; where at least 10 students participate and score a minimum of 50%.

  • Year of attempt: As long as you’re a student enrolled in any of Classes 1 to 12, you can apply for  International Science Olympiad and IMO or International Maths Olympiad)
  • Number of attempts: You can attempt only once in every academic year for any olympiad with 2 qualifying stages.
  • Year of attempt: As long as you’re a student enrolled in any of Classes 1 to 12, you can apply for International Science Olympiad and IMO or International Maths Olympiad once in every academic year.

Science Olympiad

Class 1Science Olympiad Class 1
Class 2Science Olympiad Class 2
Class 3Science Olympiad  Class 3
Class 4Science Olympiad Class 4
Class 5Science Olympiad Class 5
Class 6Science Olympiad Class 6
Class 7Science Olympiad Class 7
Class 8Science Olympiad Class 8
Class 9Science Olympiad Class 9
Class 10Science Olympiad Class 10
Class 11Science Olympiad Class 11
Class 12Science Olympiad Class 12
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