olympiad exam registration 2022 

olympiad exam registration 2022 

Olympiad exams, often known as Olympiads, provide students with the opportunity to compete against other students of a comparable educational level. Such exams encourage students to develop abilities in disciplines such as mathematics, physics, computer technology, and the English language. An Olympiad allows students to assess their strengths and shortcomings based on their performance in a national or worldwide examination. These tests provide an objective assessment of students’ knowledge and inspire them to grow academically. Students that take part in the competition are evaluated based on their scientific reasoning and logical skills. School Connect Online, supported and incubated by CIIE-IIM Ahmadabad, is India’s foremost Adaptive Learning Management System.

All about School connect online olympiad

School Connect Online is one of the greatest Olympiads in India, assisting children and K-12 schools in India and throughout the world with the following services –

School Connect Online provides students with one of the best and most creatively designed disciplined learning platforms available, assisting students with reading with notes and the best available free videos, as well as unlimited opportunities to best practice questions, mock tests, and final performance evaluation.

School Connect Online, with the help and supervision of CIIE – IIM Ahmadabad, is on a mission to develop the most inexpensive learning solutions that are accessible to all students while maintaining academic excellence.

School Online has effectively assisted students in their achievement in Scholarship Exams such as NTSE, KVPY, IJSO, and others by making the best use of technology.

Students studying for the JEE NEET and AIIMS are now making good use of the School Connect Online Learning Platform.

The Olympiad examinations 2022 are distinguished by the fact that they assess not only the student’s conceptual recall but also their comprehension and application. The objective of participating in any form of the competitive exam is to provide a means of experiencing life’s accomplishments and disappointments.

Goals of School connect online Olympiad

School Connect Online Olympiads 2022 are designed to put pupils to the test in a variety of areas. The overall goal of School Connect Online is to use these Olympiads to find and foster future scientists, technologists, and information technology talent at the school level. Furthermore, each of the School Connect Online Olympiads six Olympiads has a certain goal in mind. The objectives of the School Connect Online  Olympiads are discussed in depth in the table below.

International Science OlympiadStudents’ scientific reasoning and logical skills should be cultivated.
International Artificial Intelligence (AI) OlympiadThe major goal of this event is to demystify AI, make it accessible to young students, and demonstrate the power of AI techniques and technologies in the hands of forward-thinking young people.
International Maths OlympiadTo assist pupils in testing their mathematical abilities and understanding.
International Coding OlympiadThe exam’s purpose is to discover high school pupils who have exceptional talents in algorithms and computer programming.
International STEM Olympiadassists in identifying a child’s competence and true potential, which may aid in his survival in today’s current competitive environment

Advantages of Olympiad Exam

Olympiad examinations are incredibly valuable to kids. These national or global level assessments, which are available to students in grades 1–12, benefits students in a variety of ways. Olympiads provide the following advantages:

  • Olympiads improve pupils’ reasoning abilities.
  • They assist pupils in assessing their abilities and developing a better understanding of their potential.
  • They aid students in discovering their own weaknesses, which can then be remedied. Olympiads put students’ intellects to the test in order for them to develop a greater understanding of scientific realities. 
  • They hone the students’ analytical abilities.
  • Competing at the national or international level exposes pupils to new experiences.
  • The questions on the Olympiad exams assist students in better understanding the ideas given to them.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What advantages does a student gain from taking the Olympiad exam?

Ans: A Student Performance Report is sent to each student (SPR). The SPR analyses the student’s strong and weak areas and compares the student’s performance to other students at the School, City, Zonal, and International levels. There is also an analysis of the student’s performance over the previous ten years.

  1. Who is eligible to compete in the Olympiads?

Ans: Students in grades 1st through 12th are eligible to compete in the 1st level Olympiads. Minimum marks are the only eligibility condition. The following students have qualified for the second-level exam.

  1. What kinds of questions are asked at the Olympiad?

Ans:  The questions in the Olympiad Exam are divided into three sections: Section 1 – Subjective, Section 2 – Logical Reasoning, and Section 3 – High Order Thinking (HOTs). This format is used for Science, Math, English, General Knowledge, Computer, and Social Studies exams from grade 1 to grade 10.

  1. How can I earn a perfect score on the Olympiad exam?

Ans:  – Participate in Olympiads:

– Begin as soon as possible:

– Familiarize yourself with the syllabus:

– Make a daily plan:

– Schedule time for several subjects:

– Consult Olympiad materials provided by School Connect Online Olympiads:

– Sample papers for practice:

– Practice, practice, and practice some more.

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