NTSE Previous Year Question Papers

NTSE National Talent Search Examination provides an auspicious opportunity to the students of 10th standard to grab the illustrious scholarship exam conducted by very known NCERT for the students of 10th standard from all over the country. 

NTSE exams are conducted in two stages, namely-: Stage 1 and Stage 2. Moreover, only those candidates who have successfully cracked the first barrier of stage 1 are allowed to appear in the Stage 2 examinations.

Irrespective of the plan one more thing that plays a major role in a candidate’s preparation is the NTSE previous year question papers. Solving the NTSE previous year question papers is a very crucial step for the students preparing for NTSE exams. 

The following article will enlighten you about a few aspects regarding the NTSE previous year question papers and exam patterns.

National Talent Search Examination(NTSE)

How to Prepare for NTSE Exam 2020

Solving NTSE previous year question papers can do wonder for a candidate appearing for the examinations in the following ways:

  • NTSE previous year question papers gives an idea to students about the exam pattern and the numerous questions asked.
  • NTSE previous year question papers provides knowledge regarding the marking scheme and the level of difficulty of questions.
  • Moreover, the NTSE previous year question papers gives a sneak peek of numerous topics which are covered and their weightage.
  • NTSE previous year question papers gives a reality check to the students that where they stand in terms of preparation. 
  • Also, candidates come to know about their area of weakness on which they require to focus more to improve.

NTSE previous year question papers: Pattern of Exam and Syllabus  

The students must be familiar with the NTSE exam pattern and its syllabus before tackling the technicalities of the National Talent Search Examination Question Paper.  

Best Books for NTSE 2020

NTSE Exam Pattern 

National Talent Search Examination consists of two stages. Stage one includes an examination on the state level. Therefore, candidates who are shortlisted from the first stage of the NTSE exam get the opportunity to showcase their talent in NTSE’s stage two that is the National-level exam. There are two papers in both stages respectively. 

NTSE 2020 Important Dates

  Paper  Test  Total Questions  Total Marks  Time Duration
  1.  MAT (Mental Ability Test)  100  100  120
  2.  SAT(Scholastic Ability Test)  100  100  120

NTSE Syllabus

NTSE is plotted on the syllabus of CBSE Class 9 and 10, subjects are as follows:

1. Mathematics

2. Physics

3. Chemistry

4. Biology

5. History

6. Geography

7. Political Science

8. Economics

NTSE 2020 Eligibility Criteria

NTSE is not an easy deal to crack. For acing the critical pattern of NTSE examinations students should prepare a layout plotting each step smartly and meticulously.  


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