Maths Olympiad Registration

Maths Olympiad Registration

(IMO) Maths Olympiad Registration Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

School Connect Online Olympiad is an integrated learning program for schools formed with a goal to create a gateway of learning process bringing in every aspiring student, teachers, schools and parents together under an umbrella of disciplined domain of schools. School Connect Online promises to build a strong foundation for students through an endeavour of providing a unique learning platform to crack Olympiads, one of the most prestigious examinations. Maths Olympiad Registration

School Connect Online provides the best support to students with its meticulously designed disciplined learning platform that helps students with reading with notes and best available free videos, unlimited access to effective practice questions, mock tests with final performance assessment.

School connect online platform provides self organized learning environment to the students for the academic excellence also for the outstanding performance in competitive exams. With the intention to tame early, the exam is for regular students of Classes 1-12.

School Connect Online, sponsored and incubated by Startup Oasis, Jaipur an initiative of CIIE –Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A), is in a mission to develop the best affordable learning solutions with the key feature of maintaining equity of access to all students to nurture their aspirations.

Students preparing for Maths Olympiad, Science Olympiad, AI Olympiad, Coding Olympiad can get free access to the best study materials in this unique learning platform.

School Connect Online support students with best online platform for their studies and till now we have successfully completed Online Maths Olympiad, Online Science Olympiad, Online Coding Olympiad and Online AI Olympiad.

Benefits of School Connect Online Olympiad –

  1. The best disciplined e-learning portal with Read, Practice,Test and Analysis flow.
  2. Mock Tests to practice real exam like situation.
  3. 70,000+ non repeating Questions for students to prepare for Olympiad Exam with CBSE followed syllabus.
  4. Participating students will get exposure to analytical based questions.
  5. First time in any Olympiad,School Connect give students an opportunity to analyse the questions with solution post Olympiad exam.
  6. Reading notes to students with best learning linked videos.
  7. Teachers of School can see the learning flow of students and their performance.
  8. A single window view report of the entire school’s performance. With Lesson Plan/Class Plan driven learning progress.

Register Now for IMO Olympiad 2021-22, and access the best free learning materials and free adaptive videos.

Register Now for International Artificial Intelligence (AI) Olympiad 2021-22  
Register Now for International Coding Olympiad 2021-22
Register Now for International Maths Olympiad 2021-22
Register Now for International Science Olympiad 2021-22
Maths Olympiad Registration

Maths Olympiad  

Class 1Maths Olympiad Class 1Class 4Maths Olympiad Class 4
Class 2Maths Olympiad Class 2Class 5Maths Olympiad Class 5
Class 3Maths Olympiad Class 3Class 6Maths Olympiad Class 6
Class 7Maths Olympiad Class 7Class 10Maths Olympiad Class 10
Class 8Maths Olympiad Class 8Class 11Maths Olympiad  Class 11
Class 9Maths Olympiad Class 9Class 12Maths Olympiad Class 12
Maths Olympiad Registration

Practice Unlimited with School Connect with –

  • Online Chapter-wise Practice and Tests: The modus operandi to have a learning and practice concept by chapter-wise questions covering all topics.
  • Daily Practice Problems (DPP): As you progress in your preparation, it is equally important to retain your confidence by evaluating yourself on a daily basis.
  • Online Test Series (OTS): Time Management, Preparation and Proper Exam Management with error free environment constitute the fundamental tools to achieve success in any exams.

Awards and Certificates Details 2021-22

Awards and MedalsEligibility
Certificate of ParticipationAll students participated in Olympiads
Certificate of MeritRank holder of Class (Minimum 10 students participating each class)
Qualifier of Gold MedalTop Rank Stage 2 Selected Students
Qualifier of Silver MedalSecond Top Rank Stage 2 Selected Students
Certificate of Excellence/AppreciationOutstanding Performance Certificate to all Stage 2 Participants
Hall of FameBest Performing Students in Stage 2/Final Olympiad Exam
Achievers Gold MedalRank holder in International Olympiad Ranking
Cash RewardsTop 10 Students
Top 2 Students win Cash Award of Rs 40,000
Top 3rd to 5th Rank Student win Cash Award of Rs 10,000

Note – 1000+ Coding Olympiad qualifiers will get a chance to participate in live Artificial Intelligence and Coding Projects.

Free Study Materials for School Connect Online Olympiad

International School Connect Online
1Practice QuestionsStudy Materials
2Chapter wiseReading Notes
3Mock TestsFree Videos
4Maths ReasoningLearning Platform
5Achievers Practice questionsPerformance Update
6Sample PapersCompetition Update

School Connect Online Registration Price

Olympiad NamePrice [INR]Price [USD]
International Artificial Intelligence Olympiad2508
International Coding and Learning Olympiad45012
International Maths Olympiad (IMO)2508
International Science Olympiad (ISO)2508

Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 1 to 12

Class 1Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 1
Class 2Maths Olympiad Sample Papers  for Class 2
Class 3Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 3
Class 4Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 4
Class 5Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 5
Class 6Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 6
Class 7Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 7
Class 8Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 8
Class 9Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 9
Class 10Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 10
Class 11Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 11
Class 12Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 12
School Connect Online

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