Maths Olympiad Questions Class 11

Maths Olympiad Questions Class 11

Maths Olympiad Sample Papers Class 11

School Connect Online Olympiad is an integrated learning program for schools designed with a key goal of establishing a gateway for learning process bringing
together every aspiring students, teachers, schools and parents under an umbrella of disciplined domain of schools. School Connect Online promises to sharpen the academic excellence of young minds, and nurture their aspirations by delivering them a unique learning platform to crack Olympiads, one of the most prestigious examinations. Maths Olympiad Questions Class 11

School Connect Online provides the best support to students with its meticulously designed disciplined learning platform that helps students with reading with notes and best available free videos, unlimited access to effective practice questions, mock tests with final performance assessment.

Students aspiring for Maths Olympiad, Science Olympiad, AI Olympiad, Coding Olympiad can get free access to the preparation materials supported by video lessons for each topic, practice questions, mock tests, sample papers and performance analysis.

School Connect Online endeavours to deliver the best support to students by providing a unique online platform for their studies and till now we have successfully completed Online Maths Olympiad, Online Science Olympiad, Online Coding Olympiad and Online AI Olympiad.

Maths Olympiad Class 11 exams are one of the leading competitive examinations held at the school level each year for students who enroll in two level of certificate based competition.

In schools, Olympiad Exams have become one of the most important academic activities conducted by many recognized companies in India.

School Connect Online which is funded and incubated by Start-Up Oasis an initiative of CIIE IIM Ahmedabad is one of leading companies that provides genuine support to students who aspire for this level of exams.

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Maths Olympiad Class 11 is conducted at Two Levels:

Level 1 and 2

Level 1: Level 1 is the initial level or entry level of Science Olympiad exam which takes place at the school premises.

Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 1 to 12

Class 1Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 1
Class 2Maths Olympiad Sample Papers  for Class 2
Class 3Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 3
Class 4Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 4
Class 5Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 5
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Class 7Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 7
Class 8Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 8
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Class 11Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 11
Class 12Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 12
Maths Olympiad Questions Class 11

Maths Olympiad Exam and its dates for the year 2021-22

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) Dates and Time for Stage 1
SubjectParticipating Classes Exam DateMode of ExamOffline/Online Exam DayTime Duration
International Maths Olympiad (IMO)Class 1 to 1219th November 2021Online/OfflineFriday45 min (Attend anytime)
International Maths Olympiad (IMO)Class 1 to 1220th November 2021Online/OfflineSaturday45 min (Attend anytime)
International Maths Olympiad (IMO)Class 1 to 124th December 2021Online/OfflineSaturday45 min (Attend anytime)
International Maths Olympiad (IMO)Class 1 to 1211th December 2021Online/OfflineSaturday45 min (Attend anytime)
Maths Olympiad Questions Class 11

Maths Olympiad Sample Papers

Preparations for Maths Olympiad Exam

Essentials to kick-start your preparation for Maths Olympiad Exams –

Maths Olympiad Syllabus

Before you set your foot on your preparation for Maths Olympiad Class 11 Exams, it is important to know the syllabus prescribed by the Exam conducting agency.

School Connect Online syllabus is specially designed to create a standard learning curriculum that can be followed by students of any board.

Being well aware of the syllabus helps in zeroing in on the topics to be given more importance and what has to be omitted.

Create a Study Plan

After developing a good understanding of the syllabus, candidates can formulate a study plan for their preparation. It is important to make an effective plan to make sure that every topic is covered during preparation.

Understanding the Exam Pattern Well

Apart from knowing the syllabus, knowing the exam pattern is a crucial step for preparation. The exam pattern of Maths Olympiad Class 11 will provide you clear idea of the blueprint of the exam.

Take Tests Regularly

Candidates should keep practising sample papers and solve previous years’ question papers regularly. School Connect provides a learning platform to all students preparing for Science Olympiad.

Why Student Should Consider Taking Part in Maths Olympiad?

It is important to know why students should take part in Maths Olympiad,

  1. Competitive Exams such as Maths Olympiad Class 11 enhances your analytical skills and provide insights other important academic insights into the right career paths for your future
  2. Maths Olympiad Class 11 aims to boost confidence that comes with perks like certificates and other awards.
  3. Olympiad students are ranked as per the marks received in 2 levels, which also help students to realize the competition level in academics outside the school at an early age.
  4. Maths Olympiad Class 11 give students an understanding of their position in academics in school, district, zone, national and international level. 
  5. After each exam, schools are provided with a consolidated performance overview to locate the academic gap.

Why is it Important to Practice Maths Olympiad Class 11 Sample Papers?

To get an idea of the main Olympiad exam and to familiarise oneself with the question pattern, working out sample papers is a wise choice. With standardized and revised questions, the sample papers follow the exact and latest pattern of the exam.

Where students can enjoy unlimited access to practice questions and mock test for the final assessment of the preparation.

Exam Pattern and Marking scheme Maths Olympiad

Students of School Connect Olympiad can benefit from practising challenging questions that helps in analysing their  skills in logical reasoning, analytical skill, STEM and case studies.

Login to school connect online platform to analyse the pattern of questions asked in Science Olympiad Exam,for demo click

Thus the question paper is 150 to 180 marks in total, different for classes from classes 1 to 7 and for classes 8 to 12. In the exam each questions has +3 marks. Stage  1 is a entry level exam which has +3 marking each questions, stage 2 is the final Olympiad exam with +3 marking with -1(Negative mark) each questions for classes between 6th to 12th ,Stage 2 for the students from classes 3 to 5 has no negative marking each questions,and for each right answer +3 mark is there.

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Maths Olympiad Questions Class 11
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