International English Olympiad Syllabus for Class 6

International English Olympiad Syllabus for Class 6

It’s nothing unexpected that many guardians and understudies want to dominate the size of communication in English, given the colossal expansion in the number of firms searching for profoundly qualified individuals who are conversant in the language. In any case, since we are not local speakers of the language, having a decent satisfactory order of it won’t come effectively or promptly to us, and we should invest some energy. It is smart for understudies to take tests like the IEO to guarantee that they are capable of English from the start of their scholarly professions.

IEO Pattern for class 6

Total Questions: 50

Time: 1 hr.

Section – 1: Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Articles, Prepositions, Punctuation, and Jumbled Words, Tenses, Voices, Narration, and so on. Spellings, Collocations, Phrasal action words, Idioms, Words connected with ordinary issues, Relationships, Health and Medicine, Travel, and so on.

Section – 2 : Search for and recover data from different message types like News features, Brochures, Formal and Informal letters, itineraries, and so on, Acquire expansive comprehension of and search for explicit data in Short accounts, Time-tables, News stories, Diary passage, Poster Making, Messages and so on.

Section – 3: Ability to comprehend circumstance-based varieties in capacities like arrangement and conflict, Requests, Refusals, Apologies, and so on and furthermore recognize contrasts in the utilization of conjunctions.

Section – 4: Higher Order Thinking Questions – Syllabus according to Sections 1, 2, and 3.

Syllabus for Class sixth

Topic  1: Adjectives

This subject talks about the term Adjective, which are words that are utilized to portray or adjust different words. You will figure out how to be significantly more unambiguous and charming in your composition and discourse. It is one of the main issues in the English language. Descriptors incorporate things like a pink dress, a pitiful kid, etc.

Topic 2: Adverbs

This article will show you intensifiers. A piece of the discourse gives a significantly more nitty-gritty clarification of an action word, expression, statement, or sentence. Most qualifiers end in – ly, notwithstanding, a few are inseparable from their modifier counterparts. Qualifiers incorporate words like quickly, gradually, uproariously, etc.

Topic 3: Articles

This significant point from the IEO Class 6 Syllabus manages the possibility of an Article, which shows assuming something is specific or vague. An article is grouped into two sorts: Definite Articles and Indefinite Articles. Illustration of a Definite Article: ‘The’ young person is escaping. I’m eating ‘an’ apple to act as an illustration of an endless article.

Topic 4: Comprehension

This article makes sense of why perusing and connecting words to shape a decent sentence is so significant. Since perception is the justification for perusing, you should guarantee that the words you are perusing check out and that they are associated. You will end up being a more deliberate and dynamic peruser on the off chance that you practice understanding.

Topic 5: Conjunctions

This section will show you a grammatical form used to associate expressions, sentences, conditions, and words. Conjunctions are accepted to be constant sentence structure particles since they can remain between the things they interface. Conjunctions incorporate, however, and, yet, or, in light of the fact that, nor, and in spite of the fact that.

Topic 6: Phrases and Idioms

This unit from the IEO Syllabus for Class 6 is about expressions and expressions. They are an assortment of words that have a notable emblematic implication. Such words are not taken in a real sense since they would entertain. Expressions and expressions are instances of sayings and expressions. A cut of cake signifies a straightforward action or work.

Topic 7: I and II Integrated Grammar Exercises

Basically, the subject of Integrated Grammar is about innovative articulation. It covers confused phrases, grasps the planned significance, and organizes the sentences accurately. The Topic likewise contains altering, precluding, hole filling, and different exercises to test how you might interpret different subjects.

Topic 8: Nouns and Pronouns

It is one of the main subjects in English since it covers the two things and pronouns. You will figure out how to involve things and pronouns in a passage without rehashing the thing. For example, I, me, you, he, she, it, etc. In an expression, Kabir saw Lisa and waved to her. Kabir is both a thing and a pronoun.

Topic 9: Prepositions

Relational words will be words used to associate things, pronouns, and expressions to different words inside a solitary sentence, as per the IEO Class 6 Syllabus. They are for the most part short words that are utilized before things. Relational words incorporate the words at, on, in, previously, and later.

Topic 10: Reported Speech

This article will show you detailed discourse, frequently known as aberrant discourse. It is utilized to convey what somebody has expressed without utilizing specific words. A few changes are required; habitually, a pronoun should be supplanted, and the action word is ordinarily pushed back a strained where important.

Topic 11: Written and Spoken Expression

This significant Topic from the IEO Syllabus for Class 6 will show you the most common way of fostering a more noteworthy appreciation of composed and vocal correspondence as solicitations, messages, messages, messages, etc. You will likewise figure out how to hold significant and broad conversations with others without being interfered with. It is the best strategy to work on your discourse and composing correspondence capacities.

Topic 12: Tenses

It is one of the main Topics for the IEO test since you are as of now acquainted with the central tenses, however, presently you will comprehend the division associated with tenses. Since the essential tenses are past, present, and future, you will currently momentarily get the sorts of each strained.

Topic 13: Verbs

In this course, you will acquire a careful comprehension of one of the main parts of a sentence or expression known as Verbs. In a sentence, they are viewed as activity words since they convey what the subject is doing. You will likewise get to know action words of different words and figure out how to develop sentences with them.

Topic 14: Voice-Active and Passive

This unit from the IEO Class 6 Syllabus shows the major and crucial standards Sentence

Topic 15: Sentence Sequencing

This example will show you the key thought of sentences and how they impart critical importance while conveying a bunch of words. You will figure out how to adapt to explanations that are referenced in some unacceptable succession and have neither rhyme nor reason. Moreover, sentence sequencing gives the fitting request or grouping to the sentences of dynamic and inactive voice. Dynamic voice sentences have a subject that follows up on its action word, while detached voice sentences have a subject that is a recipient of an action word’s activity. You’ll figure out how to differentiate between dynamic and uninvolved voice sentences.

To start your IEO planning, look into the IEO Class 6 Syllabus for the Academic Year Olympiad Exam 2023 and plan out your review plan. In the event that you have made a plan, ensure you stick to it with energy if you have any desire to accomplish a high score. Our website is a legitimate instructive gateway that gives the IEO schedule as well as model papers for training and testing your insight. You may likewise get close enough to both free of charge.

International English Olympiad Class 7 Syllabus

Sr. no.Class 6
1Suffix and Prefix
2Active-Passive Voice
3Kinds of Sentences
4Adjectives (Degree of comparison)
5Tenses – Simple, Present, and Continuous
7The Gerund
8Idioms and Phrases
13Passage Practice : 1
14Passage Practice: 2

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What are the advantages of the International English Olympiad (IEO)?

IEO selects questions that are directly related to the present syllabus and its implementation.

It enhances pupils’ problem-solving abilities and forces them to think analytically. Prepares students for future competitive tests by measuring their aptitude as well as their knowledge of a specific subject. Students are given exposure to both national and international venues.

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