IMO Class 4 Chapter 6: Geometrical Concepts

IMO Class 4 Chapter 6: Geometrical Concepts

Students who want to compete at the national and international levels should enroll in Math Olympiad Class 4. Previous exam questions from the class 4 Math Olympiad will aid students in honing and improving their problem-solving abilities. Students may feel confident in their ability to respond to several questions in this class 4 mathematics Olympiad. These class 4 IMO questions are MCQ-based and ask students to use both logical and mathematical reasoning. It is acceptable to practice various question types that might not be included in school textbooks.

Even administering these Olympiad tests encourages self-learning and motivates students to perform better on their schoolwork.

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IMO Class 4 Chapter 6: Geometrical Concepts Detailed Notes

Fundamental Geometrical Ideas

  • 2D Shapes
  • 3D Shapes

Geometry (Point, Line, Ray, Line Segment)

Making Shapes with a Net

A net is a flat, two-dimensional pattern that can be folded into a three-dimensional shape; when the three-dimensional shape is undone, the net is revealed. There could be several nets in a solid.

Points to keep in mind:

  • The same number of faces exists in both the solid and its net.
  • Consider how the net might be folded to take on the specified shape.

Fundamentals of Geometry


A point is a very tiny dot that can be made with a pencil. They are neither large nor small. To name a point, use a capital letter.

See the illustration below. Point O is this.

Line Segment

A line segment is a straight path that connects two points.

A line segment is demonstrated in the image below. Line segment AB refers to this section of the line.

A line is a segment of a line that never ends on either side. It doesn’t have a start or finish.


A ray is a segment of a line that never ends and travels exclusively in one direction.


A line has length but no width, making it a one-dimensional figure. A line is made up of a collection of points that can be extended indefinitely in opposing directions. Two points in a two-dimensional plane determine it. Collinear points are two points that are located on the same line.

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