IMO class 1 chapter 8: Introduction of Time

IMO class 1 chapter 8: Introduction of Time

The IMO gives the students a glimpse of competitive world that is awaiting for them. It ignites the spark they have for mathematics and enhance their potential through this examination.

The competition lays a solid foundation for the growth of the students from the young age and assists them to identify their innate skills. It adds strength to their abilities and stands as a support to their academic journey.

The International Maths Olympiad (IMO) prepares the child to compete at the national and international levels and boosts their confidence level. The IMO is a valuable educational experience that can inspire and challenge students to develop their mathematical abilities, as well as to promote cultural exchange and international cooperation.

Here’s everything you need to know about IMO class 1 chapter 8: Introduction of Time.

IMO Syllabus for Class 1

IMO class 1 chapter 8: Introduction of Time Detailed Notes

The Fundamentals of Time

To measure time, every clock has three hands.

  • Minute Hand 
  • Hour Hand 
  • Second Hand

The hour hand moves slowly around the clock. The minute hand travels around the clock much faster than the hour hand.

When the hour hand is on 9 and the minute hand is 12, we can say it is 9 o’clock. It is possible to write it as 9:00.

When the hour hand is on 5 and the minute hand is on 12, the time is 5 o’clock or 5:00.

Based on the preceding two examples, we can conclude that when the minute hand is on 12, we must look at the hour hand to determine the exact time.

Moreover, participating in the IMO can have a significant impact on a student’s academic and prospective future.

Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 1

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