IGKO Class 4 Syllabus

IGKO Class 4 Syllabus

The General Knowledge Olympiad curriculum is intended for students in grades 1–10. General knowledge encompasses a wide range of topics and gives a comprehensive grasp of the subject. The IGKO Class 4 Syllabus includes themes such as General Awareness, Current Affairs, Life Skills, and the Achievers Section.

How do I prepare for class 4 Olympiad

IGKO Class 4 Syllabus and Marking Scheme

Total Questions: 35

Exam Duration: 60 minutes

Human Body

This section of the IGKO Class 4 Syllabus will include parts as well as the functions of the human body. Children will learn the importance of taking care of one’s own body as well. This portion not only covers the functions of the human body but also teaches about health as well as fitness. Children can read from their syllabus as well as practice the sample papers for the IGKO Olympiad.

World of Plants and Animals

This area of the curriculum will include many sorts of plants as well as animal components.

India and the World

As we all know, General Knowledge (GK) is an important component of any competitive tests available in the country. The majority of candidates struggle to get good scores in it. A strong understanding of public understanding is now essential for passing any competitive exam. To go past all of this, you must first understand what is going on around you accordingly. However, GK presents all necessary insight information on Indian states, Central Government Programs, Radical activities in India, Indian Legacy, Indian Culture, Nature and its diversity, Politics, and much more in an engaging manner.

Science, Information and Technology

Technology and science are critical components of practical test preparation. To assist you with your preparation, we have provided some recent Science and Technology replies to questions, as well as summaries of New Changes that have happened. In India, scientific advancement is a long-standing tradition. Nuclear and space power, healthcare, viruses, e-governance, biotech, technology, and telecommunications have all made significant scientific achievements accordingly.

Language and Literature

Literature is defined as publications and writing on a specific subject that also have long-term value. This Olympiad offers you a multitude of Literature Questions whereby some titles of works of fiction, memoirs, and novelists will be included that may be brought into question not only in the Olympiad for Class 4 but also in different examinations such as SSC, State Services, and so on, as well as continuing to increase your knowledge about that too.

Sports information

Sport is an important aspect of a child’s overall development. It enhances both physical fitness and emotional well-being. Because children like playing in general, it is likely that they will be interested in a range of sports. All we need to do is stimulate their interest a little further to keep them updated.

Number Quiz

Most youngsters despise arithmetic and find it exceedingly difficult. However, by solving the strangest riddles on this website, you may give your intellect a nice exercise. One of the best ways to approach a subject is to push yourself and also have fun with Math Riddles for Children.

Using a few pleasant methods while discussing the subject may help parents and teachers build a little interest in their children. Make the time to solve those puzzles and improve your day. We made an effort to present some of the greatest with Answers in order to aid you appropriately. Above all, if youngsters pay close attention, apply analytical thinking, and reasonable reasoning, they will be able to quickly answer these riddles.

Current Affairs

If you are a parent attempting to enlighten your youngsters on basic experience and current affairs, the best method to master this portion is to exercise and absorb as much as possible.

If your kid is in the fourth grade, please advise him or her of the topics. The following questions will not only help children improve their fundamental comprehension, but will also help them do well in a range of kid-level competitions.

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