IGKO Class 3 Syllabus

IGKO Class 3 Syllabus

The goal of the General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) is to develop students’ enthusiasm in general knowledge and current affairs. Learners require the IGKO test to help them grow intellectually and individually. It allows people to broaden their knowledge beyond what they can learn through books and courses. Students in Grades 1 through 10 are eligible to compete in the International General Knowledge Olympiad. Let us now look at the IGKO Syllabus for Class 3.

Olympiad Exam for Class 3

IGKO Class 3 Syllabus and Marking Scheme

Total Questions: 35

Time Duration: 60 min

The examination will take place during the school day. The exam has 35 multiple-choice questions for grades 1–4 and 50 MCQ for classes 5–10. The IGKO 2021 Exam is 60 minutes long. The online mode of the IGKO result 2021 is now available on the website.

My Surroundings and I

Children must first comprehend themselves before they can learn about anything else. They must have a fundamental grasp of themselves, their families, and their everyday routines. For Class 3, the students will be given basic questions about their environment, including “About Myself.”

World of Plants and Animals

This theme of the curriculum will include many sorts of plants as well as animal parts.

India and the World

General Knowledge (GK), as we all know, is a crucial component of every competitive test offered in the country. The majority of applicants fail to get good results. Passing any competitive test today requires a thorough knowledge of public understanding. To go past all of this, you must first comprehend what is going on around you. GK, on the other hand, provides the vital insight information about Indian states, Central Government Programs, Radical Activities in India, Indian Legacy, and so on.

Information and Technology

Technology and science are important aspects of practical exam preparation. To help you prepare, we’ve offered some recent Science and Technology responses to queries, as well as descriptions of New Changes that have occurred. Science progress has a long history in India. As a result, this will be an integral element of the IGKO curriculum.

Language and Literature

Literature is defined as writings and publications on a certain subject that has long-term worth. This Olympiad provides you with a plethora of Literature Questions in which some titles of works of fiction, memoirs, and novelists will be included that may be brought into question not only in the Olympiad for Class 3 but also in various examinations as well as continuing to increase your knowledge about that as well.

Sports information

Sport is an essential component of a child’s entire development. It improves both physical and emotional wellbeing. Because youngsters like playing in general, they are likely to be interested in a variety of sports. All we need to do is pique their curiosity a bit more to keep them informed.

Number Quiz

Most children detest math and find it quite difficult. However, by solving the craziest riddles on this website, you may give your mind a good workout. One of the most effective ways to approach a subject is to challenge yourself while still having fun with Math Riddles for Children.
Using just few enjoyable approaches when discussing the issue may assist parents and instructors pique their children’s attention. Make the time to answer such problems and make your day better. We attempted to give some of the best with Answers in order to assist you effectively. Above all, if children listen carefully, use critical skills, and rationale, they will be able to rapidly solve these puzzles.

Current Affairs

If you are a parent striving to educate your children on fundamental knowledge and current events, the easiest way to grasp this section is to exercise and absorb as much as possible.
If your child is in second grade, please inform him or her about the next themes. The questions below will not only assist children enhance their core comprehension, but will also help them do effectively in a variety of kid-level tournaments.

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