IGKO Class 1 Syllabus

IGKO Class 1 Syllabus

The curriculum for the National General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) for Class 1 could well be found here. Learners must have a solid comprehension of the material before commencing their practice. As a consequence, if you really want to perform and score well in the exam, you need to obtain the IGKO Olympiad Syllabus. The IGKO Olympiad coursework was extensively checked by our highly skilled professors in compliance with one of the most recent Global General Knowledge Olympiad test patterns.
You’ve reached the correct page if your child is in Class 1 and you’re seeking information about the IGKO Class 1 Syllabus to help your child prepare for the examinations as soon as possible.

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IGKO Class 1 Syllabus and Marking Scheme

Total Questions: 35

Time Duration: 60 min

My Surroundings and I

Kids’ adventure begins in Class 1. They are fresh to the educational system. What they have been taught, they study with genuine curiosity. But before they can discover something else, they must first learn about themselves. They should be aware of fundamental information about themselves, their families, and their daily activities. We’ve compiled a list of GK Questions for Class 1 on the theme “About Myself.”

Students frequently inquire about “how to communicate about myself” or “how to recognize myself.” 

 World of Plants and Animals

Different types of plants as well as animal parts will appear in this section of the syllabus.

India and the World( Countries/State and Capitals, Currency)

As we all know, General Knowledge (GK) is a critical component of all competitive exams offered in the nation. The majority of candidates find it tough to achieve decent grades in it. A high grasp of general awareness is now very vital in passing any competitive exam. To overcome all of this, you must first grasp what is going on around you.

India GK contains all essential insight information about Indian states, Central Govt Programs, Revolutionary movements in India, Indian Heritage, Indian Religion, Environment and its variety, Polity, and much more in an interesting way.

 Science as well as Information and Technology

Technology and science play a vital part in practical exam preparation. To help you prepare, we have included some contemporary Science and Technology responses to questions, as well as descriptions of New Changes that occurred.

Science improvement is an ancient activity in India. Scientific advances have been achieved in a variety of fields, including nuclear and space power, healthcare, viruses, e-governance, biotech, technology, and telecommunications.

 Language and Literature

Literature is defined as publications and writing that are produced on a certain topic as well as have long-term significance. This Olympiad provides you with a plethora of Literature Questions in which there will be included some names of novels, biographies, and authors that may be questioned not only in the Olympiad but also in various examinations SSC, State Services, and so on, as well as increasing your awareness about that as well.

 Sports Information

Sport is an essential part of a child’s entire development. It improves physical fitness as well as mental wellbeing. Kids enjoy playing in general, therefore it is probable that they will be interested in a variety of sports. All we have to do is pique their curiosity a bit more so that they will strive to learn more about sports.

 Number Quiz

Most children see math as a terror and find it extremely tough. However, train your mind a good workout by solving the weirdest riddles on this page. Several of the finest ways to tackle a topic is to challenge yourself and also have enjoyment with Math Riddles for Children.

Using a little enjoyable ways when addressing the subject might assist parents and instructors instill little interest in their children. Make time to fix those riddles and brighten your day. We attempted to provide some of the best with Answers to assist you accordingly. Above all, children may easily solve these puzzles if they pay close attention, use analytical thinking, and rational thought.

 Current Affairs

If you are a parent looking to educate your children on general knowledge and current events, there is no great way to ace this section but to practice and learn as much as you can.
If your child is in grade 1, please make him or her informed of the questions posed. The stated questions will not only help students increase their basic understanding but also will assist them to do well in a variety of kid-level tournaments accordingly.

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