IEO syllabus class 1.

During these times, participating in olympiads has been becoming important for kids not only to enhance their skills on the particular subject but also to gain maximum experience. 

The IEO English Olympiad Class 1 Syllabus comprises the basics of the English language such as vocabulary, word formation, English grammar, and much more. 

IEO English Olympiad Class 1 Syllabus

Students need a thorough practice of the following topics to ace their examinations. 

Jumbled Words

Jumbled Phrases is one of the most troublesome of all of the syllabus material  The large percentage of the test – takers find it extremely difficult to correctly answer the statement’s sense of order. To make sense of jumbled words or sentences, individuals must reconfigure the letters and words as well as fit them back into their original positions.

By reorganising these same parts, you’ll be able to identify the right sequence. These phrases will be combined in each question.

You must choose the one that sounds technically accurate out of all those. As a result, with sufficient exercise, these will be simple to learn and comprehend.

Nouns and Pronouns

Children are introduced to nouns and gain more knowledge about what they are in class one. Kids will understand that nouns can refer to a person, location, or object in these grades. Identifying the noun and evaluating whether it is an individual, a location, or a thing will take up a lot of time at this juncture. This will also be tested in their exams/olympiads to see how well they comprehend nouns as a theory and how they are using these words in their daily lives.

When it comes to pronouns, the questions will be in a pattern that asks questions regarding first person pronouns, second-person as well as third-person pronouns: in the form of fill in the blanks.


When learning to read, the basic symbols are finishing up punctuation marks. Full stops, question marks, and exclamation marks are examples of English representations that help readers comprehend the essence of text. Punctuation marks are essential because it helps folks understand what the text is saying. The use of punctuation, or the lack thereof, can totally alter the content of the message. Without a firm foundation and comprehension of this skill, pupils will find it difficult as writers and readers. Grammar and spelling is used in the first grade IEO syllabus to assist students in learning and testing their knowledge.

Odd One Out

In this section,  The child finds the one that is different as a result of this activity, prompting him or her to consider commonalities and dissimilarities. These activities are beneficial for getting a sense of relationships. They gain a better understanding of the concepts by considering differences and similarities. There is indeed a better grasp of the subject. Grouping and classification are critical thinking skills. For  instance,  sorting objects by size, colour, shape, and other factors. Animals can be classified as insects, fish, wild animals, domestic animals, and so on. You can also categorize them as carnivores, omnivores, as well as herbivores based on their eating habits accordingly.

Synonym and Antonym

Throughout this section, a word will be highlighted along with several synonym options from which the students have to choose depending on its specific situation. In order to respond appropriately in this situation, youngsters will need to understand and continue to maintain the interpretation of a wide range of words.

As antonyms are the direct opposite of an exact meaning, the pupil must figure out the word’s interpretation.

Feminine and Masculine

Each student in class one must comprehend the concepts of one and many, feminine and masculine. The terms one and so many denote the number of problems being discussed. The olympiads will contain questions to differentiate or state the masculine or feminine term of a particular word. For instance, Waiter-waitress, tigress-tiger, and so on.

Adjectives and Articles

Articles like “a, an, the” are important to learn, especially the ways they can be used with certain words. They usually come in the form of filling in the blanks or choosing the right option from a series of statements. These can be aced by practicing sample papers everyday. 

You might wonder why adjectives for youngsters are so essential as you introduce the kids to different linguistic concepts.

Widely accepted adjectives the kids may already know include “gorgeous,” “rapid,” “pleased,” and “untidy.” But why are they so important in language advancement? To clear this up, we should first comprehend the function of adjectives.

Adjectives are phrases that give our sentences an essence. They assist us in communicating the diverse characteristics of a person or thing, but without them, our speaking would be plain and dull. Adjectives are used differently by kids at distinct levels of proficiency, and they will be covered in IEO Class 1’s syllabus.

Thus, by practicing the above mentioned themes for the IEO Class 1 syllabus, it’ll be easier for the students to ace their respective exams!

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