IEO English Olympiad Class 10

IEO English Olympiad Class 10

Kids are required to go through this and thoroughly evaluate the curriculum as their first step in preparation for the IEO. Many pupils understandably desire to be proficient in the language and are prepared to put in extra work if necessary. This post will provide complete information on IEO English Olympiad Class 10 syllabus as well as marking scheme.

How do I prepare for class 10 Olympiad

Syllabus for the IEO English Olympiad Class 10


This portion will test the candidate’s spelling abilities. For Class 10, there will be a variety of word spelling tasks, such as scrambled words, accurate spelling, and so on. However, from the available possibilities, the right answer will be picked. This component of the English Olympiad Curriculum Class 10 also includes questions regarding travel, locales, employment, and activities, among other things. The person who interprets, for example, is referred to as an ‘interpreter.’ The learner must choose the correct response from the available alternatives accordingly.

Homonyms and Homophones

In this area of the IEO Class 10 Syllabus Year Olympiad Exam 2023, topics on the very same meaning of a specified word will be shown. Applicants must select the proper interpretation from the available alternatives accordingly.

Homophones are terms that sound the same but have diverse meanings. Learners must recognize homophones from the alternatives offered in this section. To be able to do these things, a pupil must first master phonetics and intonation accordingly.

Jumbled Phrases and Word Sequences

Jumbled phrases and sentences are messed up or rearranged in order to perplex someone. Completing word puzzles broadens one’s knowledge and increases attention. It also requires knowledge of the English language, precision, and the capacity to manage words in a phrase such that it makes perfect sense accordingly.

This portion will test a candidate’s ability to discover the right word sequence to fit in a phrase. Above all, this section will require a solid understanding of grammar. To simply answer these questions, begin learning grammar after obtaining the IEO Syllabus for Class 10 accordingly.


This will put the students’ knowledge of words that join together to make a precise set conveying a concept to the test. For example, the term “early riser” describes a person who wakes up early.

Antonyms and Synonyms

In the synonym portion, candidates will be asked to determine the right meaning of a word. This portion will evaluate a child’s vocab as well as word sense disambiguation. For applicants to better grasp, our new IEO Syllabus for Class 10 will feature example questions from this area.

However, students must determine the inverse meaning of a delivered word from the alternatives presented in the questions in this portion of the IEO Syllabus for Class 10. The vocabulary of a candidate will also be evaluated in this part.

Comprehension Passage

Students will focus on their ability to read, assimilate, and grasp the content so that it may be integrated with what the reader already knows about the subject. Comprehension passages may appear tough at first, but they may be mastered by practice reading and comprehending the content of various sorts of passages. 

However ,by browsing through example papers and answering them, one may identify many different sorts of comprehension passages. Above all, it is advised that students tackle more and more questions that test their ability to comprehend themes and problems in order to become experts.


This section will test students about a part of speech used to connect phrases, statements, variables, and keywords. As they can coexist between both the elements they link, conjunctions are regarded to be unchanging grammar components. Conjunctions include but, and, or, because, and so on.

Nouns & Pronouns

In class 10, students are exposed to complex nouns and learn more about what they are. In these classes, students will grasp that nouns can refer to a person, place, or thing. Evaluating the noun and determining if it is a human, a place, or an object can take a considerable amount of time at this point. This will also be assessed in their exams as well as Olympiads to see how well students understand nouns as a principle and also how they use them in their everyday routines.
When it pertains to pronouns, the topics will follow a pattern of posing questions on first-person, second-person, and third-person pronouns: in the form of filling in the gaps.

IEO English Olympiad Class 10 Marking Scheme

1 to 4Word and Structure Themes30130
Spoken and Written Parts
Achievers Section5210
5 to 12Word and Structure Knowledge (overall)45145
Reading Themes
Spoken and Written Expression Topics
Achievers Section5315

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