IEO Class 3 Chapter 4: Conjunctions

IEO Class 3 Chapter 4: Conjunctions

The 3rd grade English Olympiad offers to assess kids’ vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and spelling skills. The level of language a student uses is used to evaluate their performance.

A variety of online platforms that offer their pupils the best mentorships can be used to help class 3 children prepare for Olympiad. The competitive test syllabus varies because of a rise in competition. Numerous online platforms reduce the stress associated with learning about the syllabus and IEO sample papers for class 3. The complete notes for IEO Class 3 Chapter 4:Conjunctions  are provided below.

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IEO Class 3 Chapter 4: Conjunctions detailed notes

Conjunctions are words that link together many concepts. Conjunction, then, is a word that connects nouns, verbs, or phrases.

Conventional Conjunctions

AND: AND is a term for phrases or clauses that are read collectively. When two assertions are similar, the conjunction “and” is used to demonstrate adding.

Example: In the park, Sia and Ria are having fun.

But – a contrasting idea is demonstrated.

Example: As an illustration, Rohit is smart whereas Ravi is boring.

OR – used to imply that just one possibility can be achieved between the two.

Example: Ravi or Mohan has done this.

BECAUSE – Because is a word used to explain why something is done.

Example: Because of his illness, he chose not to attend school.

Tips to Ace IEO 2022-2023

  • Students should start studying earlier if they are preparing for Olympiad exams so they have ample time to revise.
  • It is advised that students evaluate the course material and test format before starting their preparation for the Olympiad exam. The authorities hold the Olympiad test on six different subjects. Students must therefore study the curriculum for the relevant subject.
  • The section must be anticipated by the students, and they must develop a study plan for it. Set a schedule and divide each subject equally. The number of days students will have to finish their course must be carefully planned.
  • There may be moments when students struggle to understand a particular section or subject. Do not be afraid to ask a teacher, mentor, or tutor for help if you find yourself in this situation.
  • Time management is essential for studying for the Olympiad exam. Students are urged to maximize each and every moment.

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