IEO Class 2 chapter 2: Verbs

IEO Class 2 chapter 2: Verbs

The International English Olympiad (IEO) is a one-of-a-kind Olympiad that emphasizes the importance of English in academics, daily life, and its relevance in today’s global world. One of the topics that students enjoy the most is English. Its method of teaching through storytelling deserves all the praise. It is enjoyable to compete in the International English Olympiad because of the comprehension, essays, letters, grammar, prose, and poetry. It will concentrate on general English, comprehension, grammar, and writing abilities. The questions will be simple and interactive, and the students will love answering them. This article is all about IEO Class 2 chapter 2: Verbs.

The International English Olympiad (IEO) exam seeks to improve students’ English spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and language mastery. Language learning is a never-ending process. There is always room for development in such issues. This can only be accomplished via sheer hard work, a passion for the subject, and a deep dive into dedication. 

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IEO Class 2 chapter 2: Verbs Detailed Notes 

Words that express acts, occurrences, or conditions are called verbs. Consequently, verbs are required to complete the phrase or query.

The verb acts as the primary predicate component of a sentence, which is the area of the phrase that describes the subject’s (person or object) identity or action.

List of common English verbs

VerbPresent TensePast TenseFuture Tense
To beamwasWill be
To bringbringbroughtWill bring
To askaskaskedWill ask
To becomebecomebecomeWill become
To buybuyboughtWill buy

How to prepare for IEO?

  • The first step in preparing for the English Olympiad is for pupils to grasp the fundamentals of the language. Of course, the same is true for any other subject. However, in English, the term “basic” refers to grammar.
  • Students should be well-versed in grammatical principles and thoroughly revise them.
  • Every day, practice.
  • Every day, learn 5-10 new words and their synonyms.
  • Prepare example papers
  • Do workbooks and practice sheets on many topics to remain on top of your game.

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