IEO Class 2 chapter 2: Verbs

IEO Class 2 chapter 2: Verbs

The International English Olympiad (IEO) is a one-of-a-kind Olympiad that highlights the significance of English in academics, and its essentiality in daily life. Learning a new language can be a fun and rewarding experience that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.

It is enjoyable to compete in the International English Olympiad because of the comprehension, essays, letters, grammar, prose, and poetry. It primarily concentrates on testing students’ proficiency in the English language. The competition aims to evaluate students’ knowledge of English grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and reasoning skills. It is designed to test students’ understanding of the English language and their ability to communicate effectively in English. This article is all about IEO Class 2 chapter 2: Verbs.

The International English Olympiad (IEO) competition consists of multiple-choice questions and is conducted at various levels, including school, city, state, and international levels. The questions crafted to challenge students’ language skills, including their ability to understand written and spoken English, use appropriate grammar and vocabulary, and express themselves clearly and effectively.

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IEO Class 2 chapter 2: Verbs Detailed Notes 

Words that express acts, occurrences, or conditions are called verbs.

Verbs are essential components of a sentence, as they convey the main action or idea of the sentence.

For example:

  • “The dog chased the cat.” In this sentence, the verb is “chased,” which expresses the action of the dog pursuing the cat.
  • “She is studying for her exam.” In this sentence, the verb is “studying,” which expresses the ongoing action of the subject preparing for her exam.
  • “He felt sick after eating the spicy food.” In this sentence, the verb is “felt,” which expresses the state of being sick that the subject experienced after eating the spicy food.

Verbs can be conjugated to indicate tense, mood, voice, and agreement with the subject. They can also be used in various forms and structures to convey different meanings and functions in a sentence.

List of common English verbs

VerbPresent TensePast TenseFuture Tense
To beamwasWill be
To bringbringbroughtWill bring
To askaskaskedWill ask
To becomebecomebecomeWill become
To buybuyboughtWill buy

How to prepare for IEO?

  • The initial process of preparing for the English Olympiad is for students to absorb the fundamentals of the language. Of course, the same is true for any other subject. However, in English, the term “basic” refers to grammar.
  • Students should be well-versed in grammatical principles and thoroughly revise them.
  • Every day, practice.
  • Every day, learn 5-10 new words and their synonyms.
  • Prepare example papers
  • Do workbooks and practice sheets on many topics to remain on top of your game.

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