IEO Class 2 chapter 11: Tense

IEO Class 2 chapter 11: Tense

Remarkably, there are up to 6,000 languages in the world. English is an official language in over 50 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. It is also widely used as a second language in many other countries, including India, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Today, English is a vital subject for reaching one’s life goals. English Olympiad is a sophisticated strategy for boosting English language skills. English Olympiad tests are designed to stimulate and enhance English spelling, grammar, and learning.

English Olympiad tests can be a valuable tool for students looking to improve their language skills and gain exposure to learning and competitiveness. English Olympiad Exams are application-based and are not dependent on the school curriculum. It assists pupils in clearly understanding the ideas.

English Olympiad tests can help students develop a deeper understanding of the language and improve their proficiency in it. They can also help students develop critical thinking skills, as they are often required to analyze and interpret texts and passages in order to answer questions.

Learning English can open up many opportunities for personal and professional growth, as it is a language that is widely used and understood around the world. Whether you are studying for academic purposes, seeking employment opportunities, or simply interested in exploring other cultures and languages, learning English is a valuable skill that can benefit you in many ways.

IEO 2022-23

IEO Class 2 chapter 11: Tense Detailed Notes

Consistent participation in competitive exams can be a great way for students to develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed in future academic and professional pursuits. By participating in exams like the International English Olympiad (IEO) year after year, students can become more comfortable with the format and expectations of competitive exams.

Simple Verb Tenses

Verbs describe actions. They also notify us when events occur.

The three basic tenses are present, past, and future.

Simple Present Tense

The present tense refers to an action that occurs on a regular or permanent basis.


1. We play football outside.

2. On Saturdays, they sleep late.

3. She only eats rice.

4. They watch a movie every Friday.

5. The Earth revolves around the Sun.

6. He wants ice cream.

7. She understands Hindi.

8. Rohan enjoys playing the guitar.

9. I study really hard for tests.

10. The bus comes around 11 p.m.

Notes: In the present tense, we add an’s’ to the verb when the pronouns he/she/it are used.

For example:

He plays.

He writes.

Tina sings.

Dia dances.

It flies.

Simple Past Tense

The past tense refers to an action that has already occurred.


1. Dia walked along the road.

2. The dog jumped onto the bed.

3. We played football in the park.

4. He played the violin.

5. I studied French.

6. It rained yesterday.

7. Tia wanted to go to the temple.

8. Neetu watched television all night.

9. He caught a butterfly in the bushes.

10. He worked in a factory.

Simple Future Tense

Future tense action is one that is predicted to occur in the future.


1. Dia will walk down the street.

2. The dog will attempt to climb onto the bed.

3. We’re going to play football in the park.

4. Ram will deliver the docs the next day.

5. My mother will arrive tomorrow.

6. She plans to purchase a new home.

8. He will go to England next year.

9. They will play football.

10. They will solve the problem.

7 Advantages to the English Olympiad

  • Olympiad examinations aid in both measuring a student’s subject-specific knowledge and preparing them for competitive tests.
  • A student can get ready for the pre-board exam with the English Olympiad.
  • The school administration can determine a student’s knowledge and skills via the Olympiad exam.
  • An Olympiad exam aids in a student’s knowledge expansion.
  • An Olympiad exam allows a student to quickly raise their grade.
  • benchmarks the English proficiency of your kids against world norms.
  • provides the building blocks for a prosperous profession by teaching excellent communication skills.

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