Digital Learning: Why E-Learning Websites Are a Boon in Pandemic

Digital Learning: Why E-Learning Websites Are a Boon in Pandemic

Post COVID 19 Indian Online Education Industry Boon Or Ban

Post COVID 19 Indian Online Education Industry Boon Or Ban

The impact of technology on our lives is apparent in all aspects, be it personal or business endeavors. Technology continues to streamline our lives, enhancing efficiency and simplifying tasks at hand.

Post COVID 19 Indian Online Education Industry Boon Or Ban

Currently, numerous industries are leveraging the advantages of technology to automate their business operations. In the post-COVID-19 era, the Indian online education industry is being scrutinized to determine whether it will serve as a boon or a ban.

The education sector is among those industries that are embracing the benefits of technology. Schools, colleges, universities, tutors, and institutes are increasingly venturing into this domain to enrich the e-learning experience.

“Digital learning has always been recognized as the most convenient method of acquiring knowledge, but in today’s pandemic-stricken world, its utility has become more indispensable than ever.”

Online learning websites prove to be an immense asset in effectively engaging yourself and your children, ensuring meaningful and rewarding activities to keep them occupied.

E-learning – A Boon for 21st Century Kids :

The 21st century is aptly referred to as the digital era, where the internet has brought about significant transformations in people’s lives. Technology has become an integral part of our daily routines, even for accomplishing simple tasks.

E-Education has undoubtedly revolutionized the teaching sector, rendering traditional tools such as blackboards, chalks, and dusters obsolete. Instead, web-based education has taken their place, enhancing students’ learning experiences.

With the shift towards remote learning, a substantial portion of teaching has migrated online. The question arises whether this transition will prove beneficial or detrimental to online education.

Digital Learning: Why E-Learning Websites Are a Boon for Kids in pandemic?

Post COVID 19 Indian Online Education Industry Boon Or Ban


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the closure of schools worldwide, impacting over 1.2 billion children who are currently unable to attend traditional classrooms.

2. Consequently, education has undergone a significant transformation, with a notable surge in e-learning, where teaching is conducted remotely through digital platforms.

3. Studies indicate that online learning not only enhances information retention but also requires less time, implying that the changes brought about by the coronavirus might have a lasting impact.

Post COVID 19 Indian Online Education Industry Boon Or Ban

Important Aspects of Digital Learning : E- learning: The Best Bet during lockdown

Now let’s explore some essential factors that shape the process of digital learning and distinguish it from conventional teaching methods. These factors include:

Freedom to choose the place

Digital learning or e-education liberates itself from the constraints of traditional classroom-based teaching, where each period was typically limited to forty minutes. It grants both students and teachers the freedom to select their preferred learning or teaching environment.

No restriction of time

Web-based learning has offered a significant advantage to students worldwide by eliminating the restriction of specific class timings. Now, learning is no longer bound to predetermined schedules. Instead, you have the freedom to choose your own flexible time and commence learning when it suits your availability.

Learn at your own pace

In e-learning, there is no need to compete with the rest of the class, as it enables you to learn at your own pace. Tutorial videos are readily accessible online, allowing you to watch them repeatedly until you have a clear understanding of a topic. This eliminates the necessity of spending excessive time on a single lesson, making the learning process more interactive as you progress through the chapters.

The digitized content

Digitized content ensures access to high-quality academic material that is presented in an easily readable and comprehensible format. This content is delivered through diverse technical tools, including computers, laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices.

The main technical tool

The internet serves as the primary technical tool and the backbone of digital learning. It plays a pivotal role in facilitating online education and serves as the foundation for various digital learning platforms and resources.

The support from Government/Administration

Digital learning is receiving extensive support from the government, which has taken several initiatives to foster its growth. In the context of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is a proponent of the Digital India campaign, which encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at advancing technology adoption and digital empowerment throughout the country.

Conclusion :

For parents concerned about their children’s well-being, E-learning offers a valuable solution. Through online learning websites, children can engage in learning new subjects, explore their learning potential, and develop their skills even during the lockdown. Embracing the power of digital learning can prove to be a much-needed lifeline during quarantine.

The Coronavirus pandemic has showcased the immense power of technology, providing children with diverse learning opportunities and options.

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