Class 2 Maths Olympiad

Class 2 Maths Olympiad is important and the basic building block of mathematics for children in further classes. While the syllabus is not that vast or complicated, maths for class 2 can be very crucial for students. If nor taught and studies properly in early years, maths can seems boring or scary to students as the go on to next class.

School connect online organizes the maths olympiad for classes K-12 every year to boost their preparation and prepare them for competitions. The maths olympiad is organized at the international, national, and school levels for students across India and even for other countries.  

Syllabus for International maths olympiad for class 2

1Addition and Subtraction
2Multiplication, Division
5Weight and Capacity
6Time and Money
8Shapes and Solids
10Logical Reasoning

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) Dates and Time Class 1 to 12

SubjectParticipating ClassesExam DateMode of ExamOffline/Online Exam DayTime Duration
International Science Olympiad (ISO)Class 1 to 1226th November 2021Online/OfflineFriday45 min (Attend anytime)
International Science Olympiad (ISO)Class 1 to 1227th November 2021Online/OfflineSaturday45 min (Attend anytime)
International Science Olympiad (ISO)Class 1 to 1229th November 2021Online/OfflineMonday45 min (Attend anytime)
International Science Olympiad (ISO)Class 1 to 1230th November 2021Online/OfflineTuesday45 min (Attend anytime)

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) Exam Pattern

GradeSectionNo. of QuestionsMarks per QuestionTotal Marks
1 to 4Logical Reasoning10330
 Mathematical Reasoning8330
 Everyday Mathematics12330
 Achievers Section5525
 Grand Total35 115
5 to 12Logical Reasoning10330
 Mathematical Reasoning20330
 Everyday Mathematics10330
 Achievers Section10550
 Grand Total50

Eligibility Criteria for School Connect Online Olympiad

Age: All students of Classes 1 to 12 are eligible to appear for the 1st level Olympiads. Students who qualify for the 2nd level exam include:

(a) Top 5% of students’ class wise, who appear for the 1st level exam,

(b) State wise top 25 rank holders class wise, and

(c) Class toppers representing each participating school where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam & scores 50% qualifying marks.

Note – Students from classes 1 and 2 are not required to appear for the 2nd level exam and are ranked based on their performance in the first level exam.

Awards and Certificates Details

Awards and MedalsEligibility
Certificate of ParticipationAll students participated in Olympiads
Certificate of MeritRank holder of Class (Minimum 10 students participating each class)
Qualifier of Gold MedalTop Rank Stage 2 Selected Students
Qualifier of Silver MedalSecond Top Rank Stage 2 Selected Students
Certificate of Excellence/AppreciationOutstanding Performance Certificate to all Stage 2 Participants
Hall of FameBest Performing Students in Stage 2/Final Olympiad Exam
Achievers Gold MedalRank holder in International Olympiad Ranking
Cash RewardsTop 10 Students


Olympiad Registration

  • Class: You need to be a student in Classes 1 to 12 to be eligible for class 2 maths olympiad
  • Boards: You must be a student of SSC, ICSE, or CBSE boards.
  • Qualifying for second-level examination:

The top 5% of students (class-wise) also benchmark percentile score who appear for the first level exam.

Class toppers from each participating school; where at least 10 students participate and score a minimum of 50%.

  • Year of attempt: As long as you’re a student enrolled in any of Classes 1 to 12, you can apply for International Science Olympiad and IMO or International Maths Olympiad).
  • The number of attempts: Any number of attempts as long as you are a student of Class 1 to 12. You can attempt only once in a year for any olympiad with 2 qualifying stages.
  • Year of attempt: As long as you’re a student enrolled in any of Classes 1 to 12, you can apply for International Science Olympiad and IMO or International Maths Olympiad once in every academic year.

How to prepare for the Maths olympiad?

Maths requires a very little amount of learning of mugging up the questions. Maths doesn’t need to be learned. Just practice. The more you practice, the better. 

Do sample paper for practice: Sample paper help you learn time management and exam pattern. They make you prepare for the exam in the way exam paper is set. You can do Sample papers for class 2 Maths Olympiad to practice for n=both olympiads and for school and CBSE exams.

Stick to the concept: Class 2 maths is all about basics and understanding of how numbers and shapes work. So instead of learning any formulas or definitions. Focus on the concept.

 For more resources for olympiad preparation  CLICK HERE

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