Class 2 Olympiad

Class 2 Olympiad

Although some may think that enrolling a child in Olympiads and academic competitions at the Class 2 level is too early, it is the perfect time to do so. Why? Let’s explore.

Enrolling a Class 2 student in the Olympiads can be extremely beneficial for their academic and psychological growth. By introducing them to these competitions, we are preparing them for the academic challenges they will face in the future. It helps them gradually and steadily understand the competitive nature of academics, so they have a basic understanding of what lies ahead of them.

School Connect Olympiad for class 2 

School Connect Online offers a wide range of Olympiad options to choose from, including International, National, district, and school-level Olympiads. These Olympiads cover various levels and subjects, providing students and schools with options that suit their preferences and needs.

As one of the leading Olympiad providers in India, School Connect Online is dedicated to supporting K-12 students and schools in India and other countries. Our platform offers a range of academic support and resources to help students prepare for these Olympiads and succeed in their academic pursuits.

  1. International Artificial Intelligence (AI) Olympiad
  2. International Coding Olympiad
  3. International Math Olympiad
  4. International Science Olympiad
  5. International STEM Olympiad 

At School Connect Online, we offer a comprehensive platform for children to learn and prepare for their grades from the basic stages. We provide worksheets and questions for your child to practice, and our platform offers the following benefits:

  • Online Chapter-wise Practice and Tests: Our platform provides chapter-wise practice and tests that progress in difficulty as students advance through the curriculum.
  • Daily Practice Problems (DPP): Our platform offers daily practice problems that help students memorize and test their knowledge on various topics.
  • Online Test Series (OTS): Our online test series not only help students understand question patterns better but also help them manage their time and reduce the chances of errors.

To ensure that your child is learning at the same pace as other students across India, we offer International Olympiads for class 2 and beyond. Our website organizes International Olympiads in various subjects for students, classes, and schools across India. The awards and merits that students receive while learning and evaluating serve as motivation to study and achieve more. The Awards and merits of IMO of the International Math Olympiad (IMO) are a lifetime achievement for students. You can learn more about the preparation process for the Olympiads here.

How to apply for the Olympiads?

To register for the School Connect Olympiads, please click here.

Eligibility criteria: Students from classes 1-12 studying in any recognized board of education, including SSC, ICSE, and CBSE, are eligible to register for the exam.

Attempts: Each student is allowed only one attempt for each Olympiad in a year, which includes 2 qualifying stages.

You can also find online study material and learn Class 2 Science and Maths online on:

If you wish to study and compete in other subjects the resources are provided below:

Spiritual Intelligence for Class 2Coding for class 2
English for class 2 Maths for class 2 
Spiritual Intelligence for class 2

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