Class 2 Olympiad

Class 2 Olympiad

Although to some, Class 2 Olympiad might sound to early to enroll a child in Olympiads and academic competitions, but turns out- it is the best class to do that. Why? Let’s find out.

Enrolling a class 2 kid into Olympiads would be one of the most helpful things one can do for academic and psychological growth of a child. By introducing them to the Olympiads we are preparing them for the academic ladder they are suppose to climb in coming years. It prepares them of the competition ahead slowly and progressively so that they at least know what they are getting into. 

School Connect Olympiad for class 2 

School connect online provides you the opportunity to enroll your ward into International, National, district and school level Olympiads. The Olympiads we organize include different levels and subjects according to students and school’s choice. 

School connect online is one of the best olympiads in india which is supporting students and K-12 schools in India and other countries with following supports-

  1. International Artificial Intelligence (AI) Olympiad
  2. International Coding Olympiad
  3. International Math Olympiad
  4. International Science Olympiad
  5. International STEM Olympiad 

At we provide you a platform to make your child learn and also prepare for their grades from the basic stages. Along with Providing you with the worksheets and questions for your child to practice 

Practice Unlimited with School Connect with –

  • Online Chapter-wise Practice and Tests: To have a learning and practice concept by Solving chapter wise test series topic-by-topic. As the chapters and topics increase, the level of difficulty increases.
  • Daily Practice Problems (DPP): As you learn more and more topics during the preparation cycle, it is imperative to practice and test all topics to memorise them thoroughly.
  • Online Test Series (OTS): Online test series not only help you to understand questions and pattern better, but also help in time management and reducing chances of error.

To ensure your child is learning at the same pace as other students across india, you can even enroll them in our International Olympiads for class 2  and check their progress. Our website organises International Olympiads of different subjects for all the students, classes and schools across india. The prizes and merits a student gets while learning and evaluation will motivate them to study and learn more and better. Awards and merits of IMO make it a life time achievement for students. You can learning more about whats and hows of the olympiads preparation here.

How to apply for Olympiads?

To register for School connect olympiads click here.

  • Eligibility criteria: Any student from class 1-12 studying in any recognised board of education either SSC, ICSE or CBSE can register for the exam. 
  • Attempts: One student get only one attempt for each olympiad in a year with 2 qualifying stages.

You can also find online study material and learn Class 2 Science and maths online on :

If you wish to study and compete for other subjects the resources are provided below:

Logical reasoning for class 2Coding for class 2
English for class 2 Maths for class 2 
Spiritual Intelligence for class 2

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