Class 2 maths:

Class 2 maths:

Class 2 becomes an important grade to make your child understand and build a base for learning she/he would have to do in later years.For a child who is still transitioning from playful learning in the kindergarten to primary school’s studies Class. While Class 2 Maths is just the basics of mathematics, it’s surely the building block of the further grades. From the very basic number system, addition subtraction to introduction to geometrical shapes.  Class 2 Mathematics is fun and also important. But can be forever confusing and difficult for students who didn’t understand the basics in their early years. It’s important to take into account that children CANNOT do maths if they donot understand base and reason behind it. For a teacher, parent or guardian of a class 2 student it becomes necessary to make them understand mathematical concepts without taking out the fun of it. 

Where to learn maths better?

At we provide you a platform to make your child learn and prepare for their grades from the basic stages. Providing you with the worksheets and questions for your child to practice and discover the magic of mathematics.

Practice Unlimited with School Connect with –

  • Online Chapter-wise Practice and Tests: The modus operandi to have a learning and practice concept by attempting every chapters with every topics  has progressive levels of test in increasing order of difficulty-level.
  • Daily Practice Problems (DPP): As you learn more and more topics during the preparation cycle, it is imperative to practice and test all topics to memorise them thoroughly.
  • Online Test Series (OTS): Time Management, Preparation and Proper Exam Management with error free environment. It’s an essential tool for the success in any exams.

To ensure your child is learning at the same pace as other students across india, you can even enroll them in our International Maths Olympiads IMO for class 2 and check their progress. Our website organises International Olympiads of different subjects for all the students, classes and schools across india. The prizes and merits a student gets while learning and evaluation will motivate them to study and learn more and better. Awards and merits of IMO make it a life time achievement for students. Also, You can learn more about whats and hows of the olympiads preparation here.

CBSE Class 2 Maths syllabus

 Ncert maths syllabus includes basic introduction to numbers: three digit numbers are introduced to students. A very brief introduction to addition , subtractions of numbers is given to the 2nd graders. Geometry is introduced with concepts of memorising shapes, lines and 3-D shapes. 

Chapter included in NCERT Class 2 maths:

  1. An Introduction to Numbers
  2. Addition and Subtraction of Three-digit Numbers
  3. Division
  4. Multiplication
  5. Number System
  6. Lines and Plane shapes
  7. Measurement of Length, Weight, and Capacity
  8. Money
  9. Pictographs
  10. Solid Shapes
  11. Time

Other resources

You can also find online study material and learn Clss 2 maths online on

If you wish to study and compete for other subjects the resources are provided below:

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