Class 2 Science: Making science fun and easy

Class 2 Science: Making science fun and easy

Class 2 becomes an important grade to make your child understand and build a base for learning she/he would have to do in later years. For a child who is still transitioning from playful learning in the kindergarten to primary school’s studies Class. While Class 2 Science is just the basics of environmental studies, it’s surely the building block of the further grades. It exhibits nature, natural processes, and basic human body’s structure and function.  Science on its own is a very important and interesting subject, but for class 2 students it can be messy and out of the world if not studied properly. Science requires proper explanation and insight of what’s happening and why. 

 CBSE Class 2 Science syllabus

Chapter included in NCERT Class 2 Science: These are the topics that will be covered in the syllabus.

  1. Our environment
  2. Plants and animals
  3. My Body
  4. Food clothing and shelter
  5. Good habits and safety
  6. Air water and weather
  7. Earth and sky
  8. Rocks
  9. Light and shadow
  10. Institutions that serve us.

How to make learning science fun?

At we provide you a platform to make your child learn and also prepare for their grades from the basic stages. Along with Providing you with the worksheets and questions for your child to practice and discover the magic of science.

Practice Unlimited with School Connect with –

  • Online Chapter-wise Practice and Tests: To have a learning and practice concept by Solving chapter wise test series topic-by-topic. As the chapters and topics increase, the level of difficulty increases.
  • Daily Practice Problems (DPP): As you learn more and more topics during the preparation cycle, it is imperative to practice and test all topics to memorise them thoroughly.
  • Online Test Series (OTS): Online test series not only help you to understand questions and pattern better, but also help in time management and reducing chances of error.

To ensure your child is learning at the same pace as other students across india, you can even enroll them in our International Science Olympiads IMO for class 2 and check their progress. Our website organises International Olympiads of different subjects for all the students, classes and schools across india. The prizes and merits a student gets while learning and evaluation will motivate them to study and learn more and better. Awards and merits of IMO make it a life time achievement for students. You can learning more about whats and hows of the olympiads preparation here.

You can also find online study material and learn Clss 2 Science online on

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