Class 2 Reasoning

Class 2 Reasoning

Class 2 Reasoning 

Students in Class 2 possess qualities of being young, creative, and thoughtful. Introducing them to Class 2 reasoning helps nurture their thinking abilities and problem-solving skills. Class 2 reasoning plays a vital role in developing critical and logical thinking in students.

Logical reasoning holds importance not only at an academic level but also at psychological and social levels. The ability to answer logical reasoning questions is crucial in various exams. Hence, it is beneficial to start preparing students from the foundational level, which is Class 2.

Class 2 is a crucial stage in a child’s education. Introducing logical reasoning at this level not only helps them develop problem-solving skills but also enhances their ability to apply the lessons learned in other subjects.

What is logical reasoning? 

Logical reasoning, as the name suggests, involves solving problems and answering questions using logic, reasoning, and common sense. It requires not only learning but also applying these skills to different scenarios. The questions in logical reasoning are designed to simulate real-life problems and provide brain exercises for beginners.

Types of of logical reasoning 

Logical reasoning is supposed to be of two different types: Verbal and non verbal 

Verbal reasoning This section includes questions that require a well understanding of verbal elements of english language. Topics included in Verbal reasoning are

  1. Analogy
  2. Blood relations
  3. Calender
  4. Clocks
  5. Puzzles

Non verbal reasoning It includes questions which are practical and do not require any academic knowledge. They are solved by analysing the question carefully and using logical and common sense along a pattern to find correct answer. 

Syllabus for Class 2 logical reasoning

  1. Patterns
  2. Measuring units
  3. Geometrical shapes
  4. Odd one out
  5. Spatial understanding
  6. Grouping of figures
  7. Analogy ranking test
  8. Embedded figures
  9. Series completion

Tips to prepare for logical reasoning 

  1. Read and understand the questions carefully. Although logical reasoning seems easy, but the questions are tricky and confusing. If not read carefully can make you loose marks and time.
  2. Learn basics of english language properly to excel in verbal reasoning section
  3. If the answers seem to confuse you, try eliminating the obvious-wrong answers before you pick the right one.
  4. Make sure you are clearly headed while answering the questions and do not waste time on them.

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