CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 English for Academic Year 2021-2022

CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 English for Academic Year 2021-2022

CBSE Class 7 English Syllabus

English is an important subject for Class 7 students for several reasons. Firstly, English is a globally spoken language and being proficient in it can open up several opportunities in the future, both in academics and professional fields. Secondly, English is the primary language used in education, research, and communication at an international level.

Therefore, having a strong foundation in English can help students to excel in other subjects too. Thirdly, English is a language that promotes cognitive development, enhances critical thinking skills, and aids in effective communication, which are crucial for overall personal and academic growth.

Finally, in the context of CBSE Class 7 exams, having a good command of English can improve a student’s performance in all subjects as it is a language used for instructions, comprehension, and evaluation. With full authenticity, School Connect Online offers the CBSE Class 7 syllabus in English.

CBSE Class 7 English Syllabus are as follows :

I. English : Honeycomb (Prose)

II. English : Honeycomb (Poetry)

III. An Alien Hand (Supplementary Reader)

IV. English Grammar for class 7

Download CBSE Class 7 English Syllabus PDF for 2021-2022

We have furnished the CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 for the academic year 2021-2022, aiming to assist students.

NCERT syllabus for class 7 English Supplementary

English: Honeycomb

Chapter 1: Three Questions & The Squirrel

Chapter 2: A Gift of Chappals & The Rebel

Chapter 3: Gopal and the Hilsa Fish & The Shed

Chapter 4: The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom & Chivvy

Chapter 5: Quality & Trees

Chapter 6: Expert Detectives & Mystery of the Talking Fan

Chapter 7: The Invention of Vita-Wonk & Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Chapter 8: Fire – Friend and Foe & Meadow Surprises

Chapter 9: A Bicycle in Good Repair & Garden Snake

Chapter 10: The Story of Cricket

CBSE Class 7 English syllabus for the academic year 2020-2021

The poems in Honey Comb are tabular below :

Chapter 1: The Squirrel

Chapter 2: The Rebel

Chapter 3: The Shed

Chapter 4: Chivvy

Chapter 5: Trees

Chapter 6: Mystery of the Talking Fan

Chapter 7: Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Chapter 8: Meadow Surprises

Chapter 9: Garden Snake

The Alien Hand

Chapter 1: The Tiny Teacher

Chapter 2: Bringing Up Kari

Chapter 3: The Desert

Chapter 4: The Cop and the Anthem

Chapter 5: Golu Grows a Nose

Chapter 6: I want something in a Cage

Chapter 7: Chandni

Chapter 8: The Bear Story

Chapter 9: A Tiger in the House

Chapter 10: An Alien Hand English 

Grammar is an essential aspect of the English language, and learning grammar can aid Class 7 students in several ways. Firstly, proper grammar usage is essential for effective communication, both written and oral. It ensures that the message conveyed is accurate and easily understood by the recipient.

Secondly, understanding grammar rules enables students to develop better writing skills and express their ideas more coherently. This is particularly important for academic writing, where clarity and accuracy are crucial for success.

Thirdly, learning grammar can help students to improve their critical thinking skills as they learn to identify and analyze sentence structures and language patterns. This, in turn, can improve their comprehension skills when reading and interpreting complex texts.

Finally, having a strong understanding of grammar can help students to perform better in their English exams, where grammar plays a significant role in assessing a student’s language proficiency and writing skills. Overall, learning grammar is essential for Class 7 students to become effective communicators, writers, critical thinkers, and successful learners.

CBSE Class 7 English (Grammar Book) 

Chapter 1- The Sentence

Chapter 2- Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives

Chapter 3- The Parts Of Speech

Chapter 4- Verb

Chapter 5- Tenses

Chapter 6- Articles

Chapter 7- Agreement of Verb and Subject

Chapter 8- Active and Passive Voice

Chapter 9- Reported Speech

Chapter 10- Word Power

Chapter 11- Modals

Chapter 12- Grammar Modals

Chapter 13- Integrated Exercises

School Connect Online has framed the CBSE Class 7 English syllabus in line with the latest guidelines of the Board. The syllabus encompasses all the necessary chapters that must be studied by Class 7 students. It is advised that students of CBSE Class 7 review the syllabus before commencing exam preparation to identify the areas they need to focus on. The final English question paper will also be prepared in accordance with the syllabus.

The School Connect Online team wishes students a productive learning experience, which will aid in their preparation for other competitive exams. We hope our syllabus will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the CBSE syllabus.

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