CBSE ( Central Board of Education)

CBSE is a widely known education pattern that stands for Central Board of Education. This pattern of study is stationed as the national board of Indian education. 

Moreover, CBSE works under the supervision of the Union Government of India. CBSE is a national-level education platform that encompasses public and private schools.

CBSE Class 9 Maths Revised Syllabus for 2020-21

Schools affiliated with the CBSE board follow the principle laid down by the NCERT curriculum for its syllabus.

AISSE and AISSCE are the names given to the board exams conducted by the CBSE board for the 10th and 12th standard annually.

Moreover, CBSE is also acknowledged for conducting other examinations as well that include NET which stands for National Eligibility Test for recruiting teachers and also used to conduct the IIT entrance exams earlier.

Approximately, there are 21,271 CBSE affiliated schools in India. Moreover, there are 220 schools in 28 foreign countries which are affiliated and operate as per the CBSE pattern.

Number of official languages of CBSE Board

There are two official languages for the CBSE board:



CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 All Subjects 2020-2021 Board

Perks of CBSE                                                      

  • In comparison with the other Indian boards, CBSE has a student-friendly syllabus.
  • There are numerous CBSE schools all over the country which makes migrating from one school to another especially in the case when a student has to move to other states.
  • The ratio of CBSE schools is much higher.
  • CBSE students usually win the race of scoring higher marks in comparison with ICSE, ISC, or state-board students.
  • Most of the competitive and undergraduate exams conducted in India are based on the principle of the CBSE prescribes syllabus.
  • CBSE motivates students to actively participate in co-curricular activities.
  • Students studying in CBSE schools have a polished fluency in English in comparison with the students who study in other state boards. 

CBSE Class 12 Maths Syllabus 2020-21 (Revised): Download PDF

Objectives of CBSE 

  • To specify the conditions of examinations and to conduct examinations publicly when the session ends of Class X and XII. To provide qualifying certificates to candidates who are successful in the affiliated schools.
  • To provide aid in education to those students whose parents were employed in jobs that are of transferable nature.
  • To specify and modify the course of instructions on which examinations are based.
  • The major concern was the upliftment of the educational standard of the country and the examination. 
  • Frequently modifying the instructional skills of the teachers and administrators by organizing in-service training programs, workshops, etc.

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