Benefits of Olympiads

Benefits of Olympiads

Talent can’t be taught but it can be awakened.

School Connect Online is India’s unique and leading Adaptive Learning Management System, supported and incubated by CIIE- IIM Ahmedabad. Benefits of Olympiads

School Connect Online is one of the best Olympiads in India that delivers the best support to aspiring students and K-12 schools in India and Abroad with below-listed supports –

  1. International Artificial Intelligence (AI) Olympiad
  2. International Coding Olympiad
  3. International Maths Olympiad
  4. International Science Olympiad
  5. International STEM Olympiad

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The study materials of School Connect Online are meticulously formulated by the academic experts and research scholars to furnish simple yet effective learning materials and a practical and productive study plan to create a self organized learning environment. 

It is a dream of every parent to see his /her child crossing academic boundaries and coming out in flying colours. They wish to equip their child in such a way that he/she is competent to maintain a healthy balance between their personal and academic lives.

It is important for each parent to accept the fact that each child is unique in his /her own way. Gone are the days when the performance in a test paper on maths, science or language was a deciding factor of a child’s intelligence.

A child whose performance is not promising in one discipline is sure to perform a great feat in other. Cognition and competency vary from person to person. Every person has her/his unique set of talents and skills. As responsible parents, you have to help your child identify his/her unique ability and guide in the right path by being supportive, kindling the child’s innate passion and

A parent also need to be learnt about the myriad possibilities that will help the child tread in the right path towards success. It is here Olympiads serve as a promising platform. Science Olympiad Foundation acts with the best of motives by bringing in meaningful insights into the disciplines of Mathematics, Science, Computers, General knowledge and English, and nurturing the skills of young aspirants.

By taking Olympiads, your child will benefit from a rich exposure and cultivate new skills, such as reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills. This will definitely enable them to understand concepts competently and deeper unlike the conventional rote-learning. Apart from this, attempting challenging exams such as School Connect Online Olympiads will instill confidence in their tender, vibrant minds moulding their personality in the long run. It will make them strive and evolve better bringing out their best in everything they do.

Participating in these Olympiads have plenty of benefits, the major 7 are:

1. Test the Understanding Level of Concepts

With its distinctive and unparalleled quality of Olympiads, School Connect Online works on a mission to help young aspirants help build a strong foundation.
The questions of Olympiads merit application driven that not merely test students’ knowledge of concepts but also evaluate understanding and reflective level of learning. To solve such questions, students are expected to apply two or more concepts. School Connect Online, with its integrated online platform, endeavours to deliver the best preparation strategy for Olympiads. This motivates the aspiring students to condense the topics and impel them to THINK! Benefits of Olympiads

2. Enriches with Analytical and Problem-solving Skills

School Connect Online Olympiads aim to inculcate the skills in learners such as observing, identifying, comparing, classifying, inferring, predicting, quantitative reasoning, problem-solving, analytical-thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing and more. Through active participation in Olympiads, students develop and improve their skills which encourage them to envision a bright future. School Connect Online brings together resources through exemplary preparation materials that enable students to put their extraordinary skills into actions.

3. Build Confidence Among the Students

With clarity of concepts and value addition of new skills, students develop self-confidence to face new challenges. The fresh mindset for lateral thinking helps widen the horizon of learning.

4. Improve Academic Performance

One can witness a largely optimistic change in the academic performance of students as Olympiads sharpen their thinking and learning process which helps them better grasp the concepts discussed in schools. The right set of study materials and book will definitely lay a robust foundation for Olympiads. Apart from the basic curriculum books, these specially designed books are an interface of concepts and applications  learnt in classroom. These books induce Higher Order Thinking Skills in learners.

5. Stepping Stones for Future Competitive Exams

Participating in Olympiads provides an insight into the frontiers of competitive world. With a limited competition in school, early exposure to competition and learning subjected through Olympiads help learners realise their potential in higher level of competitive exams like NEET, JEE, CA, IAS, UPSC exams. Students get to know their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects, hence they can plan their career well in advance.

6. A Big Platform to Shine

Olympiads, conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation, builds a unique platform where even primary level students can display their talents at State, National and International levels. Students benefit from their exposure to competitive exams and also get to understand where they stand amongst their peers at National level. Benefits of Olympiads

7. Profile Building

Students aspiring for School Connect Online Olympiads are bestowed with cash awards, medals, gifts, certificates and a lot of recognition. Their accomplishment add to their strong and rich academic profile. A fair Olympiad rank will help students climb up their ladder into the top Universities in the world. Above all, participating in Olympiad exams and representing their state or country at National and International level grant the satisfaction and pleasure to students which itself counts as the best reward for them. Benefits of Olympiads

Science Olympiad

Class 1Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 1Class 9Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 9 (Physics)
Class 2Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 2Class 9Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 9 (Chemistry)
Class 3Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 3Class 10Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 10 (Chemistry)
Class 4Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 4Class 10Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 10 (Biology)
Class 5Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 5Class 10Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 10 (Physics)
Class 6Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 6Class 11Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 11(Physics)
Class 7Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 7Class 11Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 11 (Chemistry)
Class 8Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 8 (Biology)Class 11Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 11 (Biology)
Class 8Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 8 (Physics)Class 12Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 12 (Chemistry)
Class 8Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 8 (Chemistry)Class 12Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 12 (Biology)
Class 9Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 9 (Biology)Class 12Science Olympiad Syllabus for Class 12 (Physics)
Benefits of Olympiad

Maths Olympiad  

Class 1Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 1Class 7Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 7
Class 2Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 2Class 8Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 8
Class 3Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 3Class 9Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 9
Class 4Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 4Class 10Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 10
Class 5Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 5Class 11Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 11
Class 6Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 6Class 12Maths Olympiad Syllabus Class 12
Benefits of Olympiad

Other National and International Level Olympiads

AI OlympiadInternational Artificial Intelligence Olympiad 2020-21
Coding OlympiadInternational Coding Olympiad 2020-21
IMOInternational Maths Olympiad 2020-21
ISOInternational Science Olympiad 2020-21
KVPYKishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana
Benefits of Olympiad

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