AI in Education: Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

AI in Education: Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

Another word for Artificial Intelligence is Machine Intelligence. The basic definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is when machines or computers perform Cognitive Functions that are basically associated with the human brain, for example, thinking, solving problems or learning.

The following are the three types of Artificial Intelligence systems:

-Analytical Artificial Intelligence

-Human-inspired Artificial Intelligence

-Humanized Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Jobs In India

India isn’t exactly a hub for cutting-edge research in Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are still misconceptions about the fact that Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence spell the loss of human jobs, hence the hesitation.

That is probably the reason, India hasn’t spelled out its long-term vision regarding the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.Hence the Job opportunity is immense in AI with new dimensions of career.

Future Of Artificial Intelligence In India

As the idea of Artificial Intelligence is getting more and more support, people are seeking to build a career in this field. There is a great scope of AI in India because the aim is to develop a technology-oriented work environment, for efficiency and perfect solutions to different problems. And sooner or later AI is slated to become the part of  our daily life as it has already started.

The scope of artificial intelligence in India is huge. AI technology in India has the potential to make the country a global leader in artificial intelligence. One can find effective applications of AI technology in India in almost every sector – agriculture, healthcare, education, infrastructure, transportation, retail, manufacturing, and whatnot.

Artificial Intelligence Scope In India?

According to a 2018 discussion paper by NITI Aayog, the think tank of India, AI has the potential to add USD 1 trillion to the Indian economy by 2035. The paper states that AI technology in India has the potential

“to overcome the physical limitations of capital and labour, and open up new sources of value and growth.”

How? AI technology in India has the ability to automate both complex and mundane tasks that can, in turn, result in optimal utilization of human resources by enabling them to concentrate their efforts in places where they add the most value thus improving their overall efficiency.

To pursue a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, one should have a strong foundation in the following subjects:

-Mathematics: Having an in-depth knowledge of Maths is important. Especially the -topics of Algebra, algorithms, calculus, etc.

-Science Subjects: including engineering, physics, robotics, etc.

-In-depth knowledge of Computers.

-Learning of Programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc.

School Connect Online in Artificial Intelligence

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Current Status Of Artificial Intelligence In India

The impact of AI in India is greater than one can see or imagine and it is only going to increase with time and the youth needs to be prepared for it. Implementing AI education in India is the key to making them AI-ready and ensuring that India becomes a global AI leader.

There is immense scope for science students, engineers, etc. in this field. Various short term training programs are also offered by the top companies of the world namely, Google, Microsoft, and Intel, etc. In various existing courses such as B. Tech, subjects of AI, machine learning are added as a part of the course curriculum.

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